Pegasus Northwest Using Water Chillers to Conserve Water

Kent, Wash. - Pegasus Northwest, the premier waterjet cutter in their region since 1997, has begun using water chillers to conserve energy, save costs, and save their customers money.

Pegasus, offering waterjet cutting and router cutting services specializing in precise computer-controlled cutting of a vast range of materials, can cut everything from flooring tiles to aerospace parts.

Pegasus' fleet of five JetEdge waterjets use four heads to cut materials, thus saving time and money instead of cutting parts the old fashioned way one by one using a saw.
Now with the water chillers Pegasus purchased, the Washington state-based company has improved its operation even more.

A water chiller is a closed-loop mechanical refrigeration device that cools the hydraulic cooling water that passes thru a heat exchanger for all 5 pumps owned by PNW. This addition has allowed PNW to save from pumping 6 gallons of wastewater into the sewer per minute; that's 14,400 gallons in an eight-hour shift.

Pegasus Northwest runs three shifts and has an overall capacity of 116 hours of production time; in a week that could have generated 41,760 gallons of wastewater.

While the water chiller is a cost savings, it is also a fantastic "going green" solution. The ROI (return on investment) on the equipment was estimated at three years, but PNW has seen such significant cost reductions it will be much sooner.

The water chillers are particularly important for Pegasus since it is only allocated a certain amount of water by the city of Kent, and not using water to cool the pumps allows the company to continue running its business effectively while not running short on water.

In the first quarter Pegasus used the water chillers, it saved more than $13,000 on its water bill.

The costs being lower for Pegasus will help save its customers money; 85 percent of its business comes from Boeing and Boeing-related businesses.

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About Us:
Pegasus has built an exceptional reputation of quality and service and has been considered the premier waterjet cutter in the Pacific Northwest since 1997. Specializing in precise computer controlled cutting of a vast range of materials, we consider meeting the tightest tolerances to be the hallmark of our waterjet cutting services. Our customers consider us the "Composite Specialists" due to our creative tooling and extensive R&D with this hard to process material.

Our efforts have earned Pegasus NW, Inc. the Boeing Presidents Award for "Supplier of the Year", the CCIP award (Boeing Continuous Cost Improvement Program) and the 2007 Boeing Performance Excellence Award.

Our AS-9100 Rev-C certified and DPD approved manufacturing plant stands ready to build a partnership that allows us to take on your most special and demanding job! We'll figure out the hard stuff so you can reap the benefits of time, waste and cost improvement.

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