PCIe Digitizer offers continuous acquisition streaming.

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With firmware option CSR, U5303A 12-bit PCIe Digitizer enables engineers to perform acquisition and readout simultaneously and in continuous way. CB0 application option, implementing real-time digitizer data recorder, provides command line interface and data viewer. Recording performance up to 1 GBps is ensured in specific qualified system. Adding real-time digital down-converter functionality, CB1 option ensures recording performance up to 180 MHz.

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Keysight Technologies Introduces Continuous Acquisition Stream Capability for PCIe Digitizers

SANTA ROSA, Calif. -- Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) today introduced continuous simultaneous acquisition and readout (CSR) for its U5303A 12-bit PCIe digitizer. In addition, complete data recording software applications are available, such as digitizer streaming (application option CB0) and digital down-converter streaming (application option CB1).

CSR Continuous Simultaneous Acquisition and Readout

The U5303A firmware option CSR allows engineers to perform acquisition and readout simultaneously and in a continuous way. They can use several mechanisms to adapt the acquisition data rate to the targeted application. A gapless acquisition can be sustained at a high data rate due to the PCIe Gen2 x 8 interface. An entire range of new application possibilities are enabled by the CSR option, which includes real time GPU-based data processing systems and data recording systems.

CB0 Digitizer Streaming

CB0 is an application option which implements a real time digitizer data recorder. Based on the CSR architecture, the CB0 provides a command line interface and an easy to use data viewer. Recording performance up to 1 GB/s are ensured in a specific qualified system.

CB1 Digital Down-Converter Streaming

CB1 provides the same functionality as CB0 and adds real time digital down-converter functionality. Recording performance up to180 MHz instantaneous bandwidth are ensured in a specific qualified system.

"Numerous test scenarios require gap-free or continuous acquisition of digitized data for minutes, hours or days." said Keysight's Giovanni Lucia, R&D engineer for hardware and firmware. "Signal monitoring, software defined radio, atmospheric research, telemetry systems and medical imaging are examples of such applications. We designed the CSR option with the intent of providing an easy and effective implementation to simplify the integration in any OEM system. Furthermore, the CB0 and CB1 applications provide a reliable and cost effective data recording system for customers who want a ready to use solution."


The continuous simultaneous acquisition and readout CSR firmware option, as well as the digitizer streaming CB0 and digital down converter streaming CB1 application options are available now for the 12-bit U5303A PCIe high-speed digitizer.

Please contact digitizers@keysight.com for more information.

Information about product configuration is available at www.keysight.com/find/U5303A.

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