PCI Publishes White Paper on Its Unique Offering to Help to Combat Counterfeiting in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Powys, UK — Packaging Coordinators, Inc. (PCI), a global supplier of pharmaceutical commercial packaging solutions and clinical trials services today announces innovative developments in its anti counterfeiting initiatives for pharmaceutical packaging. The company's new service offering is outlined in a new white paper that is available to download via PCI anti-counterfeiting white paper and details its innovative identification solution, which uses a unique identification code on each pack, generated and applied by the packer.

The complexity of the European supply chain is one of the key factors driving the counterfeiting pandemic, with millions of medicine packs being moved around the EU annually. A significant stumbling block within the industry remains the lack of a unified, single-source pan-European or indeed global database, where scanned bar codes on drug packaging can be verified at point of dispense. The report reviews the current regulatory landscape worldwide and also looks at the traditional methods currently used to battle imitation drugs. It debates the wider impacts of counterfeiting in the industry and the implications that this has within the industry.

The introduction of PCI's offering enables customers to benefit from a flexible and customizable solution for Track and Trace technologies, across its many packaging applications. The solution uses on-line application and verification of serialized Radio Frequency Identification tags and Two-Dimensional barcode technology, along with comprehensive data management and processing, allowing customers' full compliance with state, governmental and multinational packaging regulations, as well as specific industry and supply chain requirements. A simple 2D data matrix bar code is applied to the packet containing a unique serial number, along with the lot number, expiry date, GTIN (supplied by client) and material code. The product verification process then compares the data held within the data matrix code with a secure product record on a database.

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About Packaging Coordinators, Inc.

Packaging Coordinators, Inc. offers unparalleled expertise in a range of proprietary pharmaceutical and biotechnology packaging innovations for healthcare clients across all markets. PCI leads the field in providing cutting-edge customized healthcare packaging solutions that improve patient adherence and uphold the most stringent safety requirements. For more information about PCI and its state of the art facilities in Philadelphia, PA and Woodstock, IL, visit the company's website at www.pciservices.com.

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