PCI A/D Board streams at 14-bit resolution.

Press Release Summary:

Model PCI-417N samples 32 analog input channels in parallel at rates to 80 KHz per channel. Product includes 32-bit wide, on-board, DMA PCI bus master and non-stop streaming design. Additional offerings include local A/D FIFO memory up to 256K samples, Windows® C++ DLL software, and LabVIEW® VI's plus ActiveX/OCX® controls. Full scale input voltage ranges of ±5 or ±10 V are selectable per channel, while on-board A/D memory system prevents sample loss.

Original Press Release:

32-Channel Parallel-Sampling PCI A/D Board Streams at 14-Bit Resolution

Model PCI-417N Features:
o Thirty-two, 80 KHz, analog input channels with 14-bit A/D resolution
o 32-bit wide, on-board, DMA PCI bus master offloads host CPU
o Non-stop streaming design collects gigabytes to memory or disk
o Local A/D FIFO memory up to 256K samples avoids Windows® delays
o Windows "C++" DLL software for programmers
o LabVIEW® VI's plus ActiveX/OCX® controls for Visual BASIC, etc.

Typical Applications:
o Coherent phased-array sensors, X-Y detectors, acoustic and simulation systems
o Sonar directional "beamformers" with no skew delay error between channels
o Robotics, engine testers, speech digitizers and multi-sensor platforms

Most PCI bus computer boards with multiple analog input channels use a single overworked A/D converter and an analog multiplexer. While low in cost, as channel capacity grows, this design exhibits severe restrictions. To avoid the inherent settling delays and speed limitations, DATEL's 32-channel PCI-417N Series boards for desktop computers uses an A/D converter for each channel. Besides the obvious increase in total system speed, the PCI-417N samples all channels exactly in parallel at rates up to 80 KHz per channel (5.12 Megabyte/second aggregate rate). This concurrent A/D sampling enables all kinds of time-correlated applications such as medical ultrasound or in digital signal processing sonar or FFT engine testing. Each input A/D converter digitizes to 14-bit resolution, lowering system noise and increasing system dynamic range.

Full scale input voltage ranges of ±5V or ±10V are selectable per channel. An on-board A/D memory system prevents sample loss when streaming very large sample blocks to host disk or network. The PCI-417N's bus controller acts as a temporary DMA (Direct Memory Access) PCI bus master to blast blocks of A/D data while the computer's CPU concurrently processes previous data, all without dropping samples. An executable CD-ROM and comprehensive User's Manual with full software documentation accompanies each PCI-417N.

Programmers Will Love This
System developers will rejoice over DATEL's high performance software. Instead of just the usual collection of "blind" function binaries, the fully-commented Visual C++ source code is optionally available (model PC-CDROMS, $395). If you are struggling with a project deadline, having the full working source code lets you totally understand how everything works and, of course, custom tune it for your application. Over 50 documented DLL functions also include LabVIEW VI's and ActiveX controls for integration with third-party systems. All major Windows versions up to XP and .NET are supported plus MS-DOS example code, a LINUX example and Visual BASIC applications. The software fully exercises the board, saves and displays data, and is adaptable for any conceivable application.

Price: PCI-417N1 (8 Ks FIFO) - $2295, PCI-417N2 (256 Ks FIFO) - $2595.
North American pricing, quantity 1 to 4. DATEL offers generous quantity discounts.

Availability: Stock to 20 days ARO. One year warranty.

DATEL, Inc., founded in 1970, is a leading international electronics manufacturing company offering performance and quality in DC/DC Power Converters, Data Acquisition Boards, Sampling A/D Converters and Digital Panel Instruments.

Technical Contact:
Brent Davis
Marketing Applications Engineer
Phone: 508-339-3000, ext. 285
FAX: 508-339-6356
E-mail: sales@datel.com

Windows and ActiveX are Microsoft Corp. trademarks, Lab VIEW is a National Instruments trademark, Pentium is an Intel Corp. trademark. Datel is a Datel, Inc. trademark. All other non-referenced trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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