PCD Grinding Machine has automatic view position facility.

Press Release Summary:

Manual RG5B uses proprietary control system that lets users develop tool program comprised of individual grind blocks (steps). Input via 15 in. touchscreen, each block specifies wheel position, wheel reciprocation speed from 0.1-50 mm/sec, wheel speed, wheel direction, and viewing position. System allows complete tools to be ground without re-adjusting machine to reposition for next flank or radius. Unit offers reciprocating table travel to 330 mm.

Original Press Release:

RG5B PCD Grinding Machine

The RG5B grinding machine is the latest development in Coborn's highly successful "RG" series of manual, PCD grinding machines. It embraces all of the features of the RG5A machine plus new improvements designed to enable tools to be ground far more efficiently and with greater consistency accuracy.

A new Coborn control system is used which enables users to quickly develop a tool program. Each program consists of a sequence of individual "grind blocks". Each grind block represents one grinding step, such that a tool with, for example, two flanks and one radius would be made up of 3 grind blocks. Each block specifies the wheel position, speed of wheel reciprocation, wheel speed, wheel direction and viewing position. The sequence of blocks is then saved under a program name or number which can then be quickly selected and re-used the next time the same tool has to be ground. Other functions, such as in-feed are controlled manually.

The system allows complete tools to be ground without the need to re-adjust the machine to reposition for the next flank or radius. A view position facility is provided which automatically moves the wheel away, turns off the coolant and turn on the viewing lamp. When viewing is complete, the machine will automatically turn off the lamp, turn on the coolant, and move the head back to the current grind position and reciprocate.

Features of the machine Control system.
o Control via an industrial PC, software by Coborn Engineering
o Easy to control system, no 'computing' know-how necessary
o Input via a large, easy to read, 15" touch screen
o Tool programs quickly and easily developed ensuring minimal setup time
o Reciprocation amplitude and position stored and adjustable to 1 micron
o Reciprocating speed stored and adjustable from 0.1 - 50mm per sec
o Automatic view position facility, allows one touch viewing and return
o Digital readout with one micron resolution, switchable from mm to inches
o Control unit mounted on double swivel and tilt arm for convenient positioning General
o Reciprocating table travel up to 330 mm
o Maximum conical clearance 25 degrees
o Aged cast iron webbed bridge for maximum rigidity
o Maximum grind radius 35mm with standard 6A2 wheels
o Fully compatible with all Coborn fixtures

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