PCB Connectors handle 55 A, 600 V max.

Press Release Summary:

Horizontal and Vertical Mini-Powerclaws feature quick disconnect, hot-pluggable design, allowing system maintenance without need to power down system or unfasten ring type terminals. Both can be used with Powerpole 75 A and SB50 A connector, and when used as single pole contacts, do not require external housings. Powerpole and SB guide housing is available for Vertical contact to prevent user from reversing polarity.

Original Press Release:

Anderson Power Products® Offers Mini-Powerclaw PCB Connectors

Anderson Power Products (APP), a leader in power interconnect solutions, offers two new and improved Powerclaw contacts, the Horizontal and Vertical Mini-Powerclaws. Like their predecessors, the Mini-Powerclaw printed circuit board (PCB) contacts are designed to meet the demands of the power electronics market for high current (55 amps 600 volts max) carrying capability.

Compact and robust, the Mini-Powerclaw contacts provide the design engineer with more options when board space is at a minimum. This helps reduce cost when designing PCB configurations. The quick disconnect designs are hot-pluggable (see factory for ratings) to allow system maintenance without the need to power down the system, or unfasten ring type terminals. Both the Horizontal and the Vertical Mini-Powerclaw contacts can be used with APP's existing Powerpole 75amp and SB50amp connector.

The Horizontal and Vertical, when used as single pole contacts, do not require external housings. APP offers a Powerpole and SB "guide housing" when the Vertical contact is used with a SB50 or 75amp multi-pole connector. This prevents the user from reversing polarity. Both options greatly decrease the overall length from the wire to board-mated pair, which in turn reduces system cost.

APP's Powerclaw contacts are shipped in ESD packaging for prevention of potential electrostatic charges that could damage ESD sensitive components. Additionally, the vacuum-sealed package also provides additional protection against tarnishing or adverse environmental reactions that may affect the contact.

About Anderson Power Products
Anderson Power Products is a leader in developing high quality, low cost, power interconnect solutions for several industries, including: Back Up Power Systems, Electrical Recreational Vehicles, UPS Systems, Telecommunications and High-Technology Devices. Headquartered in Sterling, MA, Anderson Power Product's facility is ISO 9001:2000 certified and uses automated manufacturing to offer uncompromising quality. In addition, APP operates a manufacturing and assembly facility in Fermoy, Ireland to provide support for their European customers, as well as three Asia Pacific facilities: Shenzhen, China, Shatin Hong Kong and Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.).

APP connectors are available through their authorized distributor network or direct from the factory. For further information about the company and its products, call 978-422-3600 or visit their web site at www.andersonpower.com.

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