PC/104 Express Frame Grabber captures 8 channels of video.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for real-time situational awareness systems, AVC8000X is equipped with 8 mono audio inputs and can capture up to 8 concurrent analog PAL/NTSC/RS170 video inputs for local system display or on-going software analysis and processing. PC/104 form factor card supports frame rates up to 240 fps, and captured video can be scaled, cropped, and positioned under software control and streamed continuously to system memory or disc.

Original Press Release:

Introducing the High Performance 8-Channel PC/104 Express Frame Grabber

New York, USA and Cambridge, England – Advanced Micro Peripherals, the market leading developers of high quality, low-latency embedded video solutions, has announced the introduction of its AVC8000X, an 8-Channel PC/104 Express Frame Gabber.

Ideally suited to demanding real time Situational Awareness systems like remote video surveillance, traffic monitoring and control of vehicle based video capture in hostile environments, the AVC8000X delivers high performance 8-Channel video capture and overlay on a single PC/104 form factor card.

Combining high throughput, ruggedness and complete flexibility, the AVC8000X captures up to eight concurrent analog PAL/NTSC/RS170 video inputs for local system display, or if preferred, on-going software analysis and processing.

Commenting, Lee Foss, Advanced Micro Peripherals’ Founder and CEO said: “Where all-round visual awareness is crucial, the AVC8000X is ideal. With frame rates up to 240fps, the AVC8000X is technically advanced and unfailingly reliable while delivering outstanding performance even in the most demanding of environments.”

Captured video can be scaled, cropped and positioned under software control and can be streamed continuously to system memory or disc for immediate local display or further processing.

The AVC8000X’s advanced features include:

• 8 live NTSC/PAL video inputs (240fps)

• 8 D1 size capture at full frame rate

• 8 Mono Audio inputs

• Arbitrary video window sizing, cropping and scaling

• High performance  PC/104-Express construction

• Extremely low power consumption


About Advanced Micro Peripherals (www.amp-usa.com)

• Advanced Micro Peripherals is a leading manufacturer of embedded video solutions - offering the latest MPEG-4 / H.264 Codecs and video overlay / annotation technologies on a wide range of embedded board form factors including PC/104-Plus, CompactPCI, PCI and miniPCI modules.

• Founded in 1993, AMP is focused on rugged, long-life embedded board and system products with supporting software development kits for video capture, annotation, recording, streaming. From its design center near Cambridge (UK), AMP also offers Design Services to meet the needs of specialized customer requirements.

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