PC/104 Controller Card provides 4-axis motion control.

Press Release Summary:

Model NPMC6045A-4104 controls stepper motors or digital servomotors. It incorporates PCL6045A motion control chip and comes with C language library. With max output frequency of 6.5 Mpps, card can obtain trapezoidal and contant speed motion profiles. It performs linear and S-curve accel/decel, and circular and linear interpolation. A 28-bit up/down counter provides incremental encoder feedback. Pulse range is ±134,217,728, with ramp down pulse of 0-16,777,215.

Original Press Release:

NPMC6045A-4104: Four-Axis PC/104 Controller

Nippon Pulse America, Inc., Radford, VA - (May 13, 2003) Nippon Pulse introduces the newest member of their motion control card family - NPMC6045A-4104. The NPMC6045A-4104 is an advanced PC/104, 4-axis motion control card that allows the user to control stepper motors or digital servomotors. The NPMC6045A-4104 incorporates a PCL6045A motion control chip (also available from Nippon Pulse) as part of its compact design, and it comes with a C language library.

NPMC6045A-4104 features a max output frequency of 6.5Mpps, the ability to obtain trapezoidal and constant speed motion profiles, the capability of performing linear and S-curve accel/decel, circular and linear interpolation, a 28-bit up/down counter for incremental encoder feedback, an open-collector or line-driver encoder input, various homing modes, and the ability to change speed and position "on the fly".

NPMC6045A-4104 has output power of +5VDC ±5% and external power input of +24VDC ±10%. The pulse range for this board is ±134,217,728 (28-bit), with a ramp down pulse range of 0 to 16,777,215 (24-bit). The NPMC6045A-4104 operating temperature range is 0 to 50°C with a humidity rating of 80% RH (max).

Although there are many possible applications for the NPMC6045A-4104, those involved in semiconductor manufacturing, robot manufacturing, or medical instrumentation manufacturing will find this board most appealing.

Nippon Pulse America, Inc. is a wholly owned American subsidiary of Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd. Nippon Pulse offers various controllers (boards and chips), drivers (boards and chips), and motors (tin-can and hybrid) to cover almost any stepper motor application.

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Name: Nippon Pulse America, Inc.
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