Paxton Access Launches Range of 'Designer' Access Control Readers

Brighton, UK, 12th September 2007 Paxton Access', the UK market leader in the design and manufacture of electronic access control systems has announced the launch of a new and unique range of internal PROXIMITY Architectural readers. "Our unique range of new access control readers is in direct response to requests from architects and designers for manufacturers to be more imaginative in the design of access control systems", says Adam Stroud, Paxton Access Sales and Marketing Director. "We are anticipating strong demand from corporate customers for whom design and style is an important aspect of their built environment.

A PROXIMITY access control reader is the wall-mounted unit to which the user presents their proximity token, for instance in order to unlock a door or raise a barrier. Depending on the technology in use, this may require the user to present a token to the reader or simply to have the token carried on their person.

Until now access control readers have been uniform in design, varying little in shape or size, and offering almost no opportunity for the customer to exercise choice.

"Our new range of Proximity readers provides architects, designers and their customers the opportunity to exercise both choice and control over how their readers look", explains Adam Stroud.

Designed to fit discreetly and stylishly into installations where aesthetics are paramount, the PROXIMITY architectural reader is manufactured using high quality materials and incorporates three high intensity LEDs, which show green for access, red for access denied and white when in standby mode.

The reader consists of two main parts, the reader and the insert. The initial range comprises three different bezel finishes - brush chrome, matt black and satin chrome - available with a choice of three inserts - wood, stone or glass. Furthermore, a template is available for customers who wish to provide their own insert, for instance to match precisely an existing wall finish. This gives limitless possibilities and provides the possibility of a reader that is truly sympathetic with its environment.

The architectural reader is designed to be partially sunken into the wall and is fi tted using a supplied, bespoke backbox. The reader is suitable for use with Paxton Access' Switch2 and Net2 systems.

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