Patch Cables pass longwave GbE applications over MM fiber.

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Mode Conditioning Patch Cords allow longwave (1,310 nm) Gigabit Ethernet applications to function over MM (multi-mode) fiber. Products enable transceiver to launch directly into SM (single-mode) fiber, which is offset spliced in MM fiber of choice. This allows for optimized signal launch into MM fiber. Modified hybrid-glass patch cord allows for extended range of transmission and prevents Differential Mode Delay (DMD) issues from occurring.

Original Press Release:

Megladon Announces New Product Release of Mode Conditioning Patch Cables

Austin, Texas – Megladon Manufacturing Group announced today the addition of Mode Conditioning Patch Cords to their Fiber Optic cable product line.

Mode Conditioning Patch Cords are designed to allow for longwave (1310nm) Gigabit Ethernet applications to function over MM fiber.  When Gigabit transceivers launch directly into MM fiber, multiple modes (light pathways) are utilized that do not always have the same transmission length or characteristics.  This makes it very difficult to recover data in a reliable fashion and severely limits the modal bandwidth of the link.  The transmission quality and distance is severely limited by this issue, called Differential Mode Delay (DMD).

Mode conditioning cables prevent this from occurring by allowing the transceiver to launch directly into SM fiber.  The SM fiber is then offset spliced in the MM fiber of choice, allowing for an ideal launch of the signal into the MM fiber.  The modified hybrid-glass patch cord allows for extended range of transmission and prevent DMD issues from occurring.

“Mode conditioning cables are becoming more important as bandwidth needs continue to increase, but companies have limited ability to improve fiber infrastructure ,” stated Daniel Hogberg, RCDD, Megladon’s Engineering Manager.  “A growing number of our customers are deploying new equipment over legacy fiber, and our Mode Conditioning Patch Cables allow them to maximize the bandwidth of their new systems.”

Megladon® Manufacturing Group Ltd., a subsidiary of TyRex Group Ltd.®, is recognized as a leader in the fiber optic marketplace. Founded in 1997, Megladon made it their mission to provide customers with fiber optic products that far exceed industry standards. As technology innovators, Megladon created the HLC® (Hardened Lens Contact) termination, which has changed the market and taken it to the next level. For additional information on Megladon and their patented processes please visit the company’s website at

For additional information regarding Megladon’s variety of fiber optic products please contact John Culbert at 512.615.4687 or by email at

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