Passive VDSL Multilayer Analyzer supports G.INP.

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Available in portable and lab versions, VDSL Xpert(TM) provides complete analysis of VDSL2 product performance and interoperability without affecting data transfer between transceivers. G.INP support is accomplished with techniques applying physical-layer retransmission. With it, users can verify G.998.4 compliance of their VDSL2 equipment and chipsets, find and analyze problems related to G.INP prior to their field deployment, and troubleshoot problems on live networks in field.

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TraceSpan's VDSL Xpert(TM) Analyzer Supports G.INP

Industry's Only Real-time Passive VDSL Multi-layer Analyzer Can Now Analyze and Troubleshoot VDSL2 Lines With Physical Layer Retransmission

RA'ANANA, Israel -- TraceSpan Communications, a leader in broadband analysis and monitoring solutions, announced today the release of G.INP support for its VDSL
Xpert(TM) analyzer. This follows a similar announcement for the company's DSL Xpert(TM) analyzer in December of last year and completes G.INP support in all of the relevant TraceSpan analyzers.

G.INP, which has recently been standardized by ITU in the G.998.4 recommendation, is intended to provide enhanced protection against impulse noise or increase the efficiency of providing impulse noise protection (INP). This is accomplished with new techniques applying physical-layer retransmission.

VDSL Xpert(TM) is a multi-layer analyzer, which provides a complete and accurate analysis of VDSL2 product performance and interoperability with no affect of the data transfer between the transceivers. Now, with its new G.INP capability, VDSL Xpert(TM) allows its users to verify G.998.4 compliance of their VDSL2 equipment and chipsets, find and analyze problems related to G.INP prior to their field deployment, and troubleshoot such problems on live networks in the field.

"The growth in triple-play service delivery is accelerating VDSL2 deployment, and the VDSL2 lines must be capable of providing adequate service stability in the presence of impulse noise," said Dr. Hanan Herzberg, TraceSpan founder and CEO. "The G.998.4 standard is intended to assure this, but as every new standard it is also introduces new infancy problems. VDSL Xpert(TM) can now help our customers troubleshoot these problems quickly and easily using automated or manual testing, thus minimizing downtime and assuring service reliability and customer satisfaction."

With its unique multi-layer probing capability, VDSL Xpert(TM) provides comprehensive analysis with various outputs - from analog samples to bits and messages. In addition, it extracts the upper layers cells and packets and provides data, signaling and warnings of incompatibility with the various protocols. The supported protocols range from PTM, through network layer protocols such as IP and IGMP, and up to application layer protocols such as HTTP, as well as TR-069. VDSL Xpert(TM) simultaneously presents downstream and upstream data and the connection between the two. Its feature-rich GUI presents multi-layer information in convenient displays, and also allows automatic generation of exportable reports.

VDSL Xpert(TM) is available in both portable and lab versions, making it the ideal testing solution for telecom operators' tier-3 customer support groups and DSLAM and CPE manufacturers' field and development engineers, as well as lab testing engineers.

The VDSL Xpert(TM) G.INP is a new software module which must be purchased separately. As a limited-time introduction campaign special terms for its purchase are given to all of TraceSpan's customers who have a maintenance contract for their VDSL Xpert(TM) systems and to those who will renew it by the end of Q3/2011.

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TraceSpan Communications develops and manufactures innovative broadband monitoring solutions. Empowered by patent-pending breakthrough technology, TraceSpan's performance analysis and Lawful Interception products enable non-intrusive monitoring of data in broadband networks. TraceSpan's multi-layer analyzers are accepted worldwide as the industry's first passive analyzers for vendor-independent testing of VDSL2, ADSL2Plus, ADSL2, ADSL, and GPON networks. Highly flexible and easy to use, TraceSpan products deliver significant cost savings, faster time to market, and rapid return on investment to Telco's and service providers, system vendors, chipset developers, and technology innovators. For more information, visit

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