Particle Size Analyzer suits dry powder processes.

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Insitec At-line Powder Sizer enables powder processors to make automated measurements close to process line. Unit is based on Insitec Voyager, which is a self-contained, plug-and-play device that can be moved around plant for use on different process lines or to sample at various points in same line. Operated manually or automatically, pneumatic dry dispersion unit provides sample presentation and can be interfaced with existing sampling systems at user's site.

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Malvern Introduces New At-Line Particle Size Analyzer Package

Malvern Instruments has introduced a new at-line particle size analyzer package for dry powder processes. The new Malvern Insitec APS (At-line Powder Sizer) is designed to enable powder processors to make automated measurements close to the process line. The at-line approach - using a rugged and proven industrial particle size analyzer capable of measuring large sample volumes at relatively high concentration and throughput - offers users taking manual measurements the benefits of robust on-line technology, secure in the knowledge it can be upgraded to a full on-line system at a later date.

The new package is based on Malvern's award-winning Insitec Voyager, a self-contained mobile Plug and Play device for on-line particle size analysis that can be moved around a plant for use on different process lines or to sample at various points in the same line. The new at-line system uses the same proven Insitec technology, but does not require dedicated sample ports. Instead there is a pneumatic dry dispersion unit for sample presentation, which can be operated manually or automatically and can be interfaced with existing sampling systems at the user's site.

Two at-line packages are available, one that is ideal for automated laboratory system integrators and a second which includes simple graphical user interface enabling plant operators to make production measurement of the whole sample, i.e. sub-sampling is not required. Results are easily exported to plant control and information systems using Malvern's OPC server software package. As would be expected from an industrial system, long service intervals are the norm, thanks to active window purging and ceramic lining of all high velocity sample paths, and no complex sample preparation or disposal procedures are required.

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