Parkinson Technologies Adds 7-Layer Capability To Marshall & Williams Pilot Lab

Parkinson Technologies recently completed the installation and testing of a versatile new Cloeren 7-Layer Variable Geometry (VG(TM)) Feedblock and 20" Epoch(TM) Extrusion Die, significantly broadening existing multilayer capabilities for customers using their film/sheet extrusion and biaxial orientation pilot lab.

"This arrangement not only enables us to make wider films with more layers than was previously possible, but it also affords our customers the opportunity to 'test drive' the Cloeren multilayer technology inline with our Marshall & Williams biax equipment," said Ken Forziati, Business Development Manager at Parkinson. "Cloeren's Selector Plug(TM) and Variable Geometry (VG(TM)) design provide us with the ultimate in flexibility, a key feature of all our pilot lab equipment, enabling us to readily reconfigure our extrusion complex to satisfy the myriad of structures/material combinations that customers have requested."

"Cloeren Incorporated looks forward to working with Parkinson Technologies on this endeavor," states Alicia Cloeren, Director of Marketing at Cloeren Incorporated. "This new addition to Parkinson's lab will not only allow their customers to test both Cloeren and Parkinson's equipment, but also amalgamate our collective technologies. Overall, this joint venture will benefit potential customers for multilayer extrusion and biaxally oriented products."

The die and feedblock design were optimized for PET-based structures, but the adjustable vane and distribution pin design will allow Parkinson's customers to run a wide variety of materials, and with a simple change out of the Selector Plug(TM) any of the 5 existing extruders can potentially be configured to feed any of the 7 layers in the film/sheet structure. The feedblock was also built with a spare port for a sixth extruder that could be added at some point in the future if customers see a need.
In addition to adding 7-layer capability, the die also brings vacuum box pinning as an option to the existing air knife, electrostatic wire, and polishing nip roll options currently available in the pilot lab. The die is equipped with Cloeren's AutoGauge(TM) 5.5 Lip Adjustment for eventual use with the lab's thickness gauging system. "Being able to offer a vacuum box pinning option will further expand the range of products that customers can develop on our pilot line," said Forziati. "Automatic profile control will allow customers to make these films with the highest possible thickness uniformity."

Parkinson also developed a new rugged and energy efficient melt pipe design as part of the feedblock and die project. The pipes are encased in insulated stainless steel covers that minimize heat loss to the surroundings, providing added operator comfort and safety, while also providing energy savings. The covers also protect the pipes from damage when being removed and reinstalled during the setup changes that regularly take place in a lab environment.

Parkinson's Marshall and Williams Plastics extrusion and orientation pilot facility is the most complete film and sheet development laboratory commercially available for customer use. The state-of-the-art facility offers in-line extrusion for single layer or up to seven layer film/sheet co-extrusion, machine direction orientation (MDO), and transverse direction orientation (TDO). The lab line is designed to process a variety of polymers and under a wide range of processing temperatures, widths, speeds, and material thicknesses, providing customers with a unique opportunity to develop new products, optimize processing conditions, and generate samples for pre-marketing evaluation.

About Parkinson Technologies

Parkinson Technologies is an industry leader in the development, design, and manufacturing of production-scale web processing machinery for the plastics, nonwovens, paper and specialty materials industries. Product brands include PARKINSON winders, DUSENBERY® converting systems, MARSHALL & WILLIAMS biax orientation lines and KEY FILTERS extrusion melt filtration equipment. With a world-class pilot plant facility, Parkinson also offers its customers complete flexibility to conduct plastics sheet/film extrusion and orientation R&D and to produce commercially viable marketing samples. Parkinson's customers include a broad range of companies, from venture-backed startups to Fortune 50 enterprises, all of whom demand innovative solutions to their web processing challenges.

About Cloeren Incorporated:
Founded in 1980, Cloeren Incorporated designs, engineers and manufactures customized Coextrusion Feedblocks, Single and Multi-Manifold Dies and process-related accessories. Customers who invest in Cloeren equipment are assured practical solutions that support smooth operation, exceptional production consistency and optimized yields. Customers know each Cloeren solution is tailored to unique application requirements and the benefit from worry-free support for the life of their Cloeren Incorporated equipment.

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