Parker Texloc Offers On-Site Etching to Create Bondable Surface on Fluoropolymer Tubing

Ft. Worth, TX - Oct 13, 2006 - Parker-TexLoc now offers on-site etching to create a bondable surface on PTFE, FEP and PFA. Because the lubricity of the fluoropolymer tube surface hampers its bondability, etching is required to alter the tube surface in order to allow adhesion.

Parker-TexLoc provides etching services for our products on the I.D., O.D. or both and the process is available on all product lines. In the etch process, etching chemicals are used to modify the surface of the fluoropolymer materials in order to enhance the bondability of the material. The chemical reaction between the etch and the fluorine in the tubing eliminates the smoothness of the tube, stripping the fluorine and leaving the tube surface rough.Once the surface lubricity has been altered, the tubing can be bonded to almost any surface.

Etching does altar the color of the tube and ranges from a light, ice brown, up to a darker, burnished brown.However, the color of the etch does not determine the strength of the etch.Unlike natural fluoropolymer tubing, etched tubing must be stored in black plastic bags to keep out light and retain the effects of chemical alteration.If the product is stored unprotected, ultraviolet rays will cause it to loose its ability to bond.

Offered in sizes from 0.004" up to 4" I.D., etched tubing is a custom, made to order product. Samples are available upon request.

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