Parascript Mail Automation Technology Extends Global Reach

Best Performing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software Now Provides Universal Mail Automation

BOULDER, Colo. and PARIS, Post-Expo Stand C60, Oct. 3 /-- Parascript(R) LLC, the Intelligent Recognition technology provider for mail automation, today announced the availability of its flagship product, Parascript(R) AddressScript(R), for Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Canada.

"The Parascript universal OCR product suite supports our business strategy to be fully compatible with emerging open interface standards," said Jeff Gilb, president and CEO of Parascript. "We remain committed to developing technology that meets the automation needs of the global postal environment."

The universal OCR solution is based, in large part, on the use of independent "learning" modules, resulting in automated customization to country-specific writing styles and addressing standards. Benefits include: lower customization expenses, shorter implementation time, increased recognition performance and improved system reliability. AddressScript surpasses all other available OCR engines in read rate and accuracy, reads both handwritten and machine-print text, and recognizes addresses across the entire mail stream, including letters, flats and parcels.

Jakub Zavrel, CEO of Textkernel BV said, "We were seeking an OCR solution with high accuracy and read rates that could successfully be integrated into our system for TPG within a short period of time. We chose Parascript technology because it is the best performing OCR engine in the marketplace."

About Textkernel BV
Textkernel is developing advanced information extraction technology and text understanding engines that provide solutions for organizations dealing with large volumes of textual data. Our software enables the deployment of cost-effective and efficient systems with basic language understanding capabilities for many of the world's languages. With Textkernel's advanced technology it is possible to automate many tasks that involve: extracting database records from text, converting flat unstructured text to marked-up content, classification of documents, scanning text for specific information patterns and standardization of terminology.

About Parascript, LLC
Parascript Intelligent Recognition engines capture, interpret and transform paper-based data into actionable information. Uncovering the hidden meaning of information, we help commercial and government organizations drive higher accuracy and productivity while automating costly data entry. The first to solve the cursive handwriting puzzle, Parascript has grown to be the Intelligent Recognition solution for the U.S. Postal Service and other Global 2000 organizations including Bowe Bell & Howell, Carreker, Elsag, Lockheed Martin, NCR, Siemens and Unisys. Parascript is online at

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