Parallel DAQ Module works with any PC104 embedded system.

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Able to process signals from numerous detectors in parallel, model A0710007 offers sampling rate of 1 k to 40 M with inter-channel phase difference of less than 1°. It achieves ±40 mV to ±40 V voltage signal acquisition and comes equipped with two 40 M, 12-bit ADCs as well as 2 independent programmable gain channels. Memory depth of 4 M/ch can be extended to 8 or 16 M/ch, and included demo source code for common development platforms fosters technical development.

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Parallel Data Acquisition Module for Any PC104 Embedded System

Toronto, Canada - GAO Instruments ( has launched its parallel data acquisition module with demo source code for common development platforms for technical development. The design differs from comparable instruments in that the signals from a large number of detectors are processed in parallel. It is an ideal tool for anyone who works with PC104 embedded systems. It belongs to GAO's Data Acquisition Card/Module family of products.

This parallel data acquisition module, model A0710007, boasts a wide sampling rate ranging from 1 k to 40 M with a low inter-channel phase difference of less than 1°. It has a memory depth of 4 M/ch which can be extended to 8 M/ch or 16 M/ch and achieves ±40 mV to ±40 V voltage signal acquisition. This data acquisition module is equipped with two high-speed 40 M 12 bit ADCs and boasts two independent programmable gain channels. It features a compact size, stacked connection, DasView 2.0 analysis software system and easy to use bus drive. It allows for quick and easy data acquisition and control to be carried out using a computer. Additionally, this compact data acquisition module provides manual, external and internal triggering which is divided into triggering on rising edge and falling edge with adjustable triggering levels and performs highly accurate measurements with phase consistency.

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