Paradigm Imaging Group Releases Wide Format Flatbed Scanner by Kurabo

Costa Mesa, CA - Paradigm Imaging Group, a leading distributor of large format scanning and printing solutions, announces the release of a new wide format Flatbed Scanner by Kurabo.

The new 24" x 36" (ARCH D Size) flatbed scanner, manufactured by Kurabo, is a perfect solution for scanning museum art, textiles and delicate documents. An ARCH-D size colordocument can be scanned in 20 seconds or less in 400 dpi/high-speed mode. Resolution is adjustable by 1 dpi increments within the range from 50 dpi to 800 dpi.

Kurabo developed the flatbed scanner 20 years ago for the Japanese market. Their extensive installed base includes government entities and museums, which use the scanner in the preservation and recording of historical documents and priceless artwork. The Kurabo scanner is the lowest cost flatbed of its kind ever introduced into the U.S. market.
Key Features:
  • Arch D Size (24" x 36")
  • Flatbed
  • 400 dpi optical resolution; maximum resolution 800 dpi
  • Scan speeds of 2.1" per second
  • RGB 3-line CCD (20000 pixels)
  • Built-in document counter
  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Retail price: $49,500

    Operating software is included with the Kurabo scanner, enabling the user the preview scanned images and perform basic editing functions. With the optional Aupier-Gigastitch software you can stitch and join multiple sections of scanned images, overlaying CAD & Raster files. A variety of editing tools are available and the high performance data management system allows operators to display, scroll, enlarge, reduce, layout, stitch, and save high capacity image data (over 1GB) easily and quickly.

    "The Kurabo flatbed scanner is a good fit for our product line, enabling us to bring a more affordable solution to a niche segment of the scanning market that currently has few viable options," says Randy Geesman, President of Paradigm Imaging Group.

    Paradigm Imaging Group will be selling the Kurabo scanner through an exclusive network of specialized dealers and VAR's.

    About Paradigm Imaging Group
    Paradigm Imaging Group is a large format solutions provider whose expertise extends from scanning and printing products to imaging systems integration, software development and product distribution. Paradigm counts among its clients companies in reprographics, architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing, as well as numerous public agencies at all levels of government. Since 1989, Paradigm has grown to become a leading provider of large format scanning and printing solutions.

    About Kurabo

    Established in 1888, Kurabo is headquartered in Osaka, Japan and is a global leader in the textile industry. Kurabo has a diverse product portfolio including chemical products, industrial and building materials, and pollution control systems. Other divisions of the company include biomedical development, electronics and technical research. Kurabo is proud of their century-plus company history. They continue to accept new challenges that go beyond conventional approaches while continuing to cherish their corporate culture

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