Paradigm Adopts Advanced NVIDIA Maximus Technology

Innovative implementation provides accelerated seismic trace attribute computation at the desktop.

AMSTERDAM - Paradigm(TM) ( announces that the second update release of its Paradigm 2011 application suite provides accelerated computation of seismic trace attributes through use of NVIDIA Maximus(TM) technology. This innovative implementation enables seismic interpreters to calculate seismic trace attributes at their desktop in interactive or dramatically reduced times, in order to more quickly recover structural or depositional features from seismic data.

NVIDIA Maximus technology combines the visualization and interactive design capability of NVIDIA Quadro® GPUs and the high-performance computing power of NVIDIA Tesla® GPUs in a single workstation. Its CUDA® parallel computing platform and programming model make it particularly suitable for the high-performance computing performed by Paradigm's advanced image enhancement tools.

"Paradigm actively seeks to take advantage of new hardware technologies, such as NVIDIA Maximus technology, to improve our customers' performance and efficiency," said Laura Evins, product manager of seismic attributes at Paradigm. "By significantly accelerating the calculation of seismic trace attributes, interpreters can evaluate new workflows and practices to gain more from their seismic data investment."

"By combining Paradigm 2011 with NVIDIA Maximus powered workstations, interpreters can now do complex seismic analysis on their desktops, improving the interactivity and enabling faster and better decisions," said Paul Holzhauer, industry executive for Oil & Gas at NVIDIA. "By harnessing the parallel processing power of the GPU, Paradigm is leading the way in delivering a new generation of exploration tools that will yield higher success rates in exploration."

Paradigm is hosting the third session of the 2012 Lunch & Learn Series, "Game Changing Voxel Rendering Revolutionizes Seismic Prospecting," in Houston on May 10, 2012. Register for a joint presentation by Paradigm and NVIDIA that features interactive processing via GPU utilization for prospect analysis. The presentation will highlight how innovative implementation of NVIDIA Maximus technology improves the geoscientist's performance. Participants will also see how Paradigm's new voxel visualization GPU-based window delivers a breakthrough in rendering quality in both conventional and unconventional plays.

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