PAR 38 LED Spotlight produces defined Hard Edge.

Press Release Summary:

With medium threaded base, TruSPOT™ PAR 38 RLT™ LED Hard-Edge spot can replace standard PAR 38 lamps in selected locations within retail environment for highlighting desired merchandise or signs. Product is based on Recycling Light Technology (RLT) and produces narrow and bright spot beam. Spot itself is uniform across field and has precisely defined Hard Edge.

Original Press Release:

Wavien Introduces a "TruSPOT(TM) PAR 38 RLT(TM) LED Hard-Edge Spot at the National Hardware Show, 2015

VALENCIA, Calif. -- Wavien, Inc. will be demonstrating "TruSPOT™ PAR 38 RLT™ LED Hard-Edge spot at the National Hardware Show, 2015. Wavien has now introduced the patented RLT "Recycling Light Technology" to the consumer lighting market in the form of a PAR 38 and PAR 20 LED lamp with a medium threaded base. These lamps are unique in that the spot beam is very narrow and over 2 times brighter than traditional LED lamps. The spot itself is extremely uniform across the field with a precisely defined "Hard Edge".  PAR 38 lamps have been used extensively in most retail environment and these hard-edge spot lights can replace standard PAR 38 lamps in selected locations for highlighting the desired merchandizes or signs. This combination of increased brightness and uniform narrow angle spot is a jump to the next performance level for PAR based lamps. The efficiency and long life of the Wavien PAR 38 and PAR 20 give the consumer a new choice for low cost and high performance PAR lamps.

Dr. Kenneth Li, the CEO and President of Wavien stated, "We are very excited to make this introduction into the hot LED consumer market place. This new level of performance is a big jump from the existing LED PARs that are currently available on the market. The National Hardware Show 2015 is the perfect place to introduce this new approach."

"Wavien is a R&D and licensing company looking for manufacturers to license the technologies for their products. Our Wavien team is moving forward with a new line of RLT™ based lamps to further improve this technology and create a path for designers and manufacturers to be able to easily adopt these versatile features into new products for tomorrow," added Dr. Li, who is also the inventor of this technology.

Wavien also offers versions of the PAR lamps that include the projection of an image or gobo. These products are available at as well as on Amazon and Ebay.

Wavien is a licensing company and is actively looking for partners to introduce the next level of this technology.

About Wavien, Inc.

Wavien, based in Valencia, California, is a technology licensing company developing long-life, advanced high-performance light source solutions including arc lamps, LEDs, lasers, laser/phosphor hybrids, 4D Floating Holographic Display, and plasma lamps, for the next generation of projection and consumer lighting industries.  Wavien continues to make major advancements in the LED illumination market with its recycling RLT technology.

RLT™ is registered trademarks of Wavien®, Inc.

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