Panel Meter offers high accuracy and color-changing display.

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OMEGA® DP41-B performs up to 166 readings per second and handles various dc voltage and current ranges, 9 thermocouple types, multiple RTDs, and signals from strain-gauge transducers and potentiometric inputs. Accuracy is ±0.005% of reading. Meter provides 10-point linearization of input signals, programmable by user for custom applications. The 6-digit LED display can be programmed to change color between red, amber, and green at any set point.

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DP41-B 1/8 DIN Ultra High Performance Meter

OMEGA® goes BEYOND INFINITY® with the all new DP41-B. The OMEGA® INFINITY® set the world standard for accuracy, performance and quality in digital panel meters. The all new DP41-B raises the bar even higher with accuracy of up to ±0.005% of reading, and up to 166 readings per second.

The versatile OMEGA® DP41-B handles a broad spectrum of dc voltage and current ranges, nine thermocouple types, multiple RTD's, and signals from strain gauge transducers such as load cells and pressure transducers, as well as potentiometric inputs. It also features ten point linearization of input signals, programmable by the user for custom applications.

Built-in excitation to power virtually any sensor or transmitter, and four isolated open collector outputs for control or alarms are standard. The big, bright, 6 digit patented LED display can be programmed to change color between Red, Amber, and Green at any set point. The digits are 58% bigger than the typical display. Output options include: Isolated programmable analog voltage or current and four relays.

With the Serial Communications option, the user can select from a push-button menu between RS-232, RS-485, and either a straightforward ASCII protocol or MODBUS. With OMEGA's award-winning Ethernet/Internet option, the new DP41-B connects directly to an Ethernet network and transmits data in standard TCP/IP protocol. It is possible to monitor and control a process through a web browser from anywhere on the Internet.

Price Starts at $595.

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