Pancake-Style Motors are suited for beam line applications.

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Used in applications where clearance hole at centerline is vital to machine operation, custom Hollow Series Motors are available as 2-phase stepper or 3-phase brushless motors. They are offered with power range of 25-2,500 W in sizes ranging from 8-60 in. dia, with maximum bore size of 20-25% of motor dia. Large bore or hollow shaft configurations enable use in vacuum, radiation, and other harsh environments.

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Hollow Motors Now Available from Empire Magnetics

Available as two-phase stepper or three-phase brushless motors ROHNERT PARK, CA - Empire Magnetics introduces custom Hollow Series Motors. These pancake-style motors are available on a custom basis in large bore or hollow shaft configurations for vacuum, radiation and other harsh environments. They are available with a power range of 25 to 2500 watts in sizes ranging from 8 to 60 in. in diameter; with maximum bore size of 20 - 25% of the motor diameter. Comprehensive design services are available. Magnetic and other computer modeling methods allow the envelope and performance to be accurately predicted in advance of fabrication. This allows the engineer to customize his design with a high degree of confidence. Hollow motors are useful in beam line applications where a clearance hole at the centerline is vital to proper machine operation. Raster scanning, hologram generating, laser scanning, filter adjustments and instrument insertions for X-ray, electron, proton and optical light beams have been deployed. Ring motors have been designed for satellite optical systems. Hollow motors are also useful in cable, fiber optic and other continuous process manufacturing equipment where high strength and light weight glass or graphite fibers are wound into complex coverings as the core passes through the center of the motor. Similar applications include: constant thickness spray, flame coatings, bead impingement and electro-deposition on the core material. Hollow motors allow liquids or gases to be pumped through their hollow center, making them ideal for automated spray machines, and water and ink jet controls. Manipulator and robot arm designers benefit because a linear actuator can pass through the motor to perform mechanical functions in a very compact space. Alternatively small parts transfer through the motor can be accomplished, which is often useful in clean room environments. Empire Magnetics is a leading supplier of specialty motor products, motion control systems and support services to a variety of North American and international manufacturers. Empire Magnetics, Inc., 5830 Commerce Boulevard, Rohnert Park, CA 94928; phone: (707) 584-2801; fax: (707) 584-3418;; Company Contact: Rick Halstead (707) 584-2801

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