Pacline Overhead Conveyors Takes Empty Carton Handling up another Level

Buffalo, New York — At the upcoming ProMat Show in Chicago, (March 23-26) PACLINE Overhead Conveyors will be demonstrating a material handling system utilizing the PAC-LINE™ conveyor with a unique robot for the automated loading and unloading of empty cartons and totes.

If your warehouse or distribution center handles split case (or less than carton) picking operations, this application will be of particular interest to you.

This PACLINE empty carton handling system utilizes the signature PAC-LINE™ enclosed track overhead chain conveyor in combination with the UR10 Universal Robot. The UR10 robot, with motion tracking software, is configured to automatically load and unload cartons to and from the carriers on the moving overhead conveyor.


This robot facilitates a modern, employee safe, "collaborative" design that is easy to use, cost effective and will serve to reduce labor costs thereby providing a solid return on investment. 

PACLINE's approach to carton handling for split case or less than carton operations allows centralized carton building and carton delivery direct to workers throughout the picking areas.

For over 35 years PACLINE OVERHEAD CONVEYORS has provided material handling solutions aimed at helping customers improve key performance measurements such as productivity, cost control, safety and ergonomics.

Integrating robotics with PACLINE's proven/standard conveyor equipment represents a new opportunity to improve productivity in warehouse and distribution center operations.

PACLINE's signature conveyor, the PAC-LINE™ enclosed track system is one of the most versatile conveyors in the industry.

The PAC-LINE™ system has been used in a wide range of applications from manufacturing to warehousing where the longest single system included over 3 miles of track for Empty Carton Handling.

Key features of the PAC-LINE™ conveyor system for empty carton handling include:

• Uses free overhead space to transport cartons from carton building area to pickers

• Tight radius curves allow for easy installation around and over other equipment

• Cartons and totes are delivered directly to pickers saving time and effort

• The PAC-LINE track is modular in design which means that installations and modifications to the conveyor system can be done quickly and simply.

You can visit PACLINE at ProMat Booth #959 or contact a PACLINE engineer to discuss new ideas to improve productivity for your split case picking operation.


Since 1979, PACLINE Overhead Conveyors has been designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing high quality overhead conveyor systems. PACLINE has installed thousands of systems with over 2 million feet of conveyors in countries around the world. The company provides material handling solutions to a wide range of industries from manufacturing and warehousing operations to retail and entertainment applications. PACLINE has headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario (CANADA) and an engineering office and warehouse in Buffalo, New York (USA). For more information visit


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