Packet Processing Adapter transfers 40 Gbps across PCIE bus.

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Featuring quad 10 GigE ports over 8 PCI Express Gen 3 lanes with 8 GB on board DDR3 DRAM buffer, ANIC-40K3 PCI Express Gen 3 Packet Capture and Application Acceleration Adapter is suited for IDS, DPI, network forensics, load balancing, and flow analysis applications. Adapter is based on Advanced Packet Processing v5.0 engine, which is implemented in FPGA, providing hash based packet classification that supports up to 48 million flows, traffic management, and de-duplication.

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Accolade Technology Announces Industry's First PCIE Gen 3 Family of Packet Processing Adapters

Breakthrough ANIC-K3 series of products offers unprecedented packet processing scalability

MANSFIELD, Mass., -- Accolade Technology, a leading supplier of FPGA based packet capture and processing adapters today announced the first of its ANIC-K3 series of high density PCI Express Gen 3 adapters. Accolade's K3 series leverage the benefits of 8 and 16 lane PCIE Gen 3 to enable data transfers of up to 128 Gbps across the PCI Express bus. The K3 series will debut in early April 2013 through Accolade's ANIC-40K3, the industry's first PCIE Gen 3 FPGA based Packet Capture and Application Acceleration adapter capable of transferring 40 Gbps across the PCI Express bus.

The ANIC-40K3 will feature quad 10 GigE ports over 8 PCI Express Gen 3 lanes with 8 GB on board DDR3 DRAM buffer. Ideal for  IDS, DPI, Network Forensics, Load Balancing and Flow Analysis applications, the ANIC-40K3 is based on Accolade's Advanced Packet Processing  (APP) version 5.0 engine.

The APP version 5.0 is implemented in a State-of-the-Art FPGA introducing unique features including Hash Based Packet Classification supporting up to 48 million flows, Traffic Management and De-duplication.

"The K3 Series positions Accolade as the Technology leader in high density FPGA based Packet Processing adapters which serve demanding applications requiring uncompromising traffic analysis, scalability, and throughput," said Robbie Dhillon, CEO of Accolade Technology.

"Our Network Security and Monitoring OEM appliance customers are ready to deploy Accolade's K3 products by merging their unparalleled packet analysis capabilities along with PCIE Gen 3 throughput," commented Billy Bath, CEO of Iron Systems.

Accolade will be releasing the following ANIC-K3 Series products over the course of 2013:

ANIC-40K3-SP1:  single port 40 GigE, PCIE Gen 3

ANIC-80K3:  dual port 40 GigE, PCIE Gen 3

Please visit Accolade's exhibit at the upcoming RSA Conference 2013 in San Francisco, February 26-28, Booth # 126.

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Based in Mansfield, Massachusetts, Accolade Technology is a leading global supplier of FPGA based advanced packet processing adapters. ANIC adapters are optimized to offload multi-core host CPUs in a variety of target applications including network monitoring, latency measurement, network security (IPS, IDS, DPI) and forensics appliances. Operating at line speed with lossless packet capture, ANIC adapters offer advanced packet processing in the 1 GigE to 80 GigE performance spectrum.

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