PAC Strapping Illustrates that Using Plastic Strapping Over Steel Strapping Saves Weight and Costs

Using plastic strapping over steel strapping saves your company money - It's not surprising to find that plastic is in fact lighter than steel; So how does that affect your strapping needs?

Here's a fairly typical example of how the difference in weight between plastic and steel strapping might change the way you do business.

For argument's sake, let's say you use 40" x 48" pallets. For every pallet you will need to use four straps to across each dimension, which would require you to use 61.3 feet of strap. Of course, nothing in life is ever perfect. Realistically you have some overlap, so we will go with 65' for our calculations. Here's where the difference between plastic and steel really stands out.

Steel - Using ¾" x.020" will require 3.31 lbs. of steel.

Polyester - Using 5/8"x .035" a very common replacement will require only .8 lbs. of polyester.

There you have it. 3.31 pounds versus just .8 pounds. If you choose steel, you are automatically adding 4 times the weight to your pallets. That is a lot of weight when you are the one who has to pay the shipping costs. Plus, you'll need heavier equipment to move and ship each of those pallets. The bottom line is that before you even get to all the other benefits of plastic strapping, the sheer cost savings makes it the right choice.

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