P-80® Temporary Assembly Lubricants are Ideal for Appliance Assembly and Service

Dishwashers, washers and dryers, refrigerators, mixers, blenders, and many other appliances have rubber or soft plastic components such as hoses, O-rings, seals, grommets, plugs and more. The slip resistance of these parts makes assembly difficult. P-80® temporary rubber assembly lubricants significantly reduce friction helping these parts slide easily into place. P-80® lubricants are water-based, and do not contain alcohol or petroleum distillates so they will not cause rubber to dry out or harden. P-80® does not contain silicone or other persistent ingredients, so once dry you have a tight fitting part.

P-80® lubricants come in a broad range of formulas and sizes to meet all appliance assembly needs. Two, P-80® Emulsion IFC and P-80® THIX IFC, are approved for Incidental Food Contact applications (meeting FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570) and are registered with NSF as USDA H1 lubricants.

Advantages of using P-80® lubricants:

  • Reduces force required for installation

  • Increases production rates

  • Reduces part breakage and rejects

  • Allows for closer fitting part design

  • Reduces risk of musculoskeletal and slippage related injuries

  • Safe and Ready-to-Use

Comparison of P-80® Formulas

Contact International Products Corporation for assistance in determining which P-80® formula will best serve your needs. For sales and service in the U.S. call our ISO:9001 certified manufacturing facility at 609-386-8770 or email mkt@ipcol.com. For sales and service in Europe, call 44-0208-857-5678 or email saleseurope@ipcol.com. You may also visit our website at www.ipcol.com.

The following is a case study from a major appliance OEM. It shows how using the proper P-80® assembly lubricant assisted in reducing drop test failures. Assembled dishwashers routinely undergo post assembly drop testing. During testing, a number of failures occurred. P-80® Grip-it was trialed and selected because of its lubrication and adhesive qualities. Switching to P-80® Grip-it solved the problem by significantly reducing drop test failures.

CASE STUDY: P-80® Grip-it Quick-Drying Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricant

Allows Dishwashers to Pass Critical Drop Test

Test Results:

  1. P-80® Grip-it reduced failures allowing dishwashers to pass drop tests consistently.

  2. Easier assembly installation.

  3. Greater hose removal force.


A dishwashing manufacturer was experiencing failures during their six inch drop test. Specifically, a connection of a return hose to the sump was susceptible to excessive tangential stress when the dishwasher was dropped at a certain orientation. The return hose separated slightly from the sump, causing leaks during the initial operation. In order to simulate any problems during delivery and installation, the drop test is performed to evaluate the robustness of the dishwashers.


Design engineers trialed P-80® Grip-it as a replacement for the current lubricant. Grip-it’s dual properties of lubrication and adhesion offered a better outcome.

Grip-it passed the prototype test phase and was moved into production. Assembly workers commented on Grip-it’s superior assembly lubrication over the previous product. Also, Grip-it provided detergency, which cleaned the hose assembly and adjacent areas. Most significantly, the slightly tacky residue of dried Grip-it increased the removal force to 33 pounds, which was found to withstand the tangential stress subjected during the drop test.

All P-80® products are manufactured in the USA by International Products Corporation (IPC) and are readily available worldwide through a network of global distributors. Contact IPC for a free P-80® sample kit by visiting www.ipcol.com or email sample@ipcol.com. P-80® is available for purchase online at www.ipcol.com.

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