Oxygen Booster recharges rebreather size tanks.

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Driven by hand or compressed air, Maximator ROB22 features finned gas barrel for efficient gas cooling. Portable unit is available as standalone booster or as complete kit installed in Pelican case for transport. Additional options include air control package consisting of filter, regulator with gauge, shut-off valve, and required fittings, as well as Hand Lever option for manual operation.

Original Press Release:

Rebreather Oxygen Booster Offered For Recreational Or Commercial Diving

Fairview, PA - October 30, 2008 - Maxpro Technologies introduced the Maximator ROB22 Rebreather booster this month at the 2008 DEMA diving trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. ROB boosters are lightweight and portable, with a finned gas barrel for efficient gas cooling. This compact compressed air or hand driven oxygen booster provides a rugged and reliable means of recharging rebreather size tanks.

The ROB booster is available as a stand alone booster, or as a complete kit installed in a sturdy Pelican case for easy transport. Additional options are an air control package (ACP) consisting of a filter, regulator with gauge, shut off valve and required fittings as well as a Hand Lever option (HL) for manual operation. This booster can be driven by either compressed air or from a bottle supply.

Maxpro Technologies is the North American distributor of Maximator high pressure valves and fittings as well as power products including liquid pumps, gas boosters and air amplifiers. Maxpro also designs and manufactures various pressure systems utilizing these Maximator power products as the main power source.

For more information, visit our website at www.maxprotech.com, or contact us at:
MAXPRO Technologies, 7728 Klier Drive South, Fairview, PA 16415
Phone 814-474-9191, Fax 814-474-9391.

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