OWC Announces Line of Xserve Memory of Up to 32 GB

February 12, 2008, Woodstock, IL -- Other World Computing (OWC www.macsales.com, a leading Mac and PC technology company, announced today availability of its full line of memory upgrades of up to 32 GB for Apple's latest 2008 Xserve Quad Core 2.8 GHz, Quad Core x two 2.8 GHz and 3.0 GHz models. Matched sets of up to 8 modules (4 pairs) up to the maximum of 32 GB are available to add memory to the Xserve in increments of 1.0 GB, 2.0 GB, 4.0 GB, and 8.0 GB per pair of CMTL Server certified memory.

Enterprise users of the Apple Xserve can now upgrade using 2 GB based kits of top quality memory for as low as $53.75 per GB, or a full 16 GB of memory for $859.99. With the latest 4 GB x 2 based kits for up to 32 GB, OWC lets customers with high-memory intensive applications or needs, such as audio/video, 3D modeling, and network applications, maximize system performance and availability.

OWC Memory is fully-tested premium quality memory that meets or exceeds all Apple and JEDEC specifications. Utilizing top shelf, Grade A components, OWC's memory modules are designed and built to provide a lifetime of high-performance, reliable operation backed by a Money Back Guarantee and OWC's Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty.

"OWC has been at the top of its game for all of Apple's new Intel Mac and Server models," said Lawrence O'Connor, CEO, OWC. "We understand the mission-critical dependency of the professional enterprise systems our memory goes into and maintain a full testing lab of the actual models for which we provide our memory, that enables our continued expertise and leadership position through ongoing testing and innovation to deliver the best options and quality in upgrade solutions."

For more information, see: http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/memory/Apple_Xserve_Memory

OWC Memory for nearly every Apple model is available via OWC's easy to use guide at:


About Other World Computing
Other World Computing (OWC) has been providing quality hardware products and support to the computer industry since 1988. The Illinois-based company is a five time BizRate Gold Honoree for customer satisfaction. OWC operates the popular www.MacSales.com e-commerce portal which features one of the largest online catalogs of computer and iPod enhancement products, including Mercury, Neptune, and NewerTech acceleration, storage, and FireWire product lines.

OWC is a Premiere Level Apple Developer Connection member, strategic partner with Axiotron and exclusive U.S. distributor of the award-winning Axiotron ModbookTM, providing extensive technical support for Macintosh users around the world. The company's management umbrella includes leading Internet Service Providers www.fastermac.net and www.owc.net. OWC is a leading technology employer as ranked by McHenry County Business Journal. For more information, see www.otherworldcomputing.com or www.macsales.com.

Qualified Memory Priced from $54 per 1GB
16 GB Memory Priced at Less than 1/4 vs. Factory Option
32 GB for Less than 1/3 vs. Factory Option

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