Overhead (4G) Welding on a New Bridge in Scotland with Gullco KAT

The M74 Completion project will complete a vital part of the west of Scotland's motorway network.

The new eight kilometres (five miles) stretch of road will continue the M74 motorway from Fullarton Road Junction, near Carmyle, to the M8 motorway west of the Kingston Bridge.

Construction of the M74 Completion is now well underway. For more information on the works, visit the Construction Progress page and to find out about the latest traffic management procedures, visit the Traffic Management page.

Scottish Ministers are committed to creating a wealthier and fairer Scotland by opening up opportunities, reducing congestion and investing in easing the commute.

This project is part of a massive infrastructure investment in Scotland's transport network which includes a new rail link to Glasgow airport, a new rail link between Airdrie in the West and Bathgate in the East, and further improvements to the central Scotland motorway network.

At first Cleveland Bridge approached Gullco to automate /mechanise the overhead welding of short welds in the workshop to eliminate the need to turn large beams risking twisting and bending of the beam as well as saving time. This was successful and the process was to be repeated on site where the need to automate was even greater with a large quantity of overhead welds to be performed on joints many metres in length.

The welds are partial penetration butt joints of various depths from 15mm to 20mm on plates 50mm to 85mm thick with the first and second passes made in one run and thereafter split weaves to suit the joint.

The Parameters

o Travel speed: 22cm/min

o Arc Voltage: 24

o Amperage: 210

o Torch Angle: 5 - 10 degree pull

o Oscillation: root none, thereafter 4mm

o Side Dwells: none

The Equipment

The brief was to use welding machines already in the possession of Cleveland Bridge, which is in line with Gullco policy as Gullco do not manufacture or supply welding machines, leaving the supply of such parts to their local distributor.

In addition the following was used:-

o Gullco Kat Oscillator Combination running on rigid track (flexi track also available)

o 1.2mm diameter gas shielded rutile Flux cored wire

o Gas: Argon 80% CO2 20%

Having been approved by the Directors of C.B.U.K. Mr Trevor Powley has suggested that we add to this article the fact that the company are "very happy with the Gullco product as well as after sales service and on site welder training". C.B.U.K. will be using 3 Kat® oscillator packages on a continuous basis on site in Glasgow.


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