Overhaul Balls provide ballast on crane hoist rope.

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Made of heavy steel, Overhaul Balls are used on hook end of crane hoist rope to supply downhaul weight that is needed to counter bearing friction and winch-to-boom line weight. Spilt Overhaul Balls are made up of 2 cast iron halves, which clamp to line by means of bolts. Models are available in diameters of 7.12, 9.19, 9.50, and 11.25 in. or in weights of 50, 100, 89, and 154 lb, respectively.

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LGH Adds Overhaul Balls to Inventory

Bridgeview, IL – Lifting Gear Hire has recently added a new item to its extensive inventory of lifting, rigging, pulling, and jacking equipment – Overhaul Balls. These are heavy steel balls that are used to provide ballast on the hook end of a crane hoist rope. Overhauls supply the downhaul weight that’s needed to counter bearing friction and winch-to-boom line weight. They can also be used in lieu of a winch depending on what best suits your application. Spilt Overhaul Balls are made up of two cast iron halves, which clamp to the line by means of bolts.

Also referred to as Headache Balls, Overhaul Balls are available for immediate rental from LGH’s warehouses and manufactured by Crosby in 2 distinct diameters – 7.12” and 9.19” or in weights of 50 and 100 lbs., respectively. They’re also offered by Gunnebo Johnson and available in 9.50” and 11.25” or in weights of 89 and 154 lbs., respectively.

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