Outwater Introduces Many New Products at the 2014 GlobalShop Trade Show for Retail Design, Visual Merchandising and Shopper Marketing

Bogota, NJ (www.outwater.com) — Long established as the world's largest and most revered annual event for retail design, visual merchandising and shopper marketing, Outwater [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC introduced many new products at the 2014 GlobalShop Trade Show intended to address and respond to the necessity for retailers to maintain market share, improve their operating efficiency and increase their revenue in a progressively more competitive marketplace.

Outwater has chosen to highlight those products that garnered the most significant attention and positive feedback at the show.

1) 120V RGB LED Ribbon Flex Lighting

Outwater's 120V RGB LED Ribbon Flex Lighting offers a kaleidoscope of colors that can be programmed to morph at variable speeds or to remain static on any color. 

The highly flexible, diminutive physical contour of Outwater's 120V RGB LED Ribbon Flex Lighting not only enables it to practically vanish within the décor of any environment, because no transformers, drivers, repeaters or amplifiers are required, an unparalleled continuous length of up to 164-ft. can be run via an available single attached power cord.

Manufactured in 16-1/2-ft., 33-ft. and 164-ft. lengths with constant voltage technology in order to minimize power losses, Outwater's ultra energy efficient 120V RGB LED Ribbon Flex Lighting features fully integrated LED Diamond Light Technology to yield the highest color rendering indexes and tightest binning codes for the purest, brightest LED Lighting available, yet only consumes a few watts per field cuttable strip, with an approximate 35,000 hour bulb life. 

Furthermore, thoroughly sheathed in an IP67 Rated waterproof cover (totally protected against dust and the effect of liquid immersion between 15cm and 1m), ensures Outwater's 120V RGB LED Ribbon Flex Lighting's safe use both indoors and outdoors.

Complementary controllers, remotes, connectors, end caps and mounting clips along with a selection of LED Ribbon Mounting Channels enable a host of custom configurations and applications.

2) Omni Wand T2 LED and Omni Spot Vertical LED Lighting Systems

Unprecedented in both design and application, Outwater's highly refined 12V Omni Wand T2 LED and Omni Spot Vertical LED Lighting Systems comprise aesthetically stunning, super slim profile aluminum LED lighting fixtures and movable LED spotlights, which when utilized in conjunction with the systems' array of complementary modular component fittings and accessories, enable exhibit and display designers and producers to readily create and install fully customized, infinitely adjustable linear LED lighting configurations to accommodate a host of lighting requirements without exposing any incongruous fixtures or unsightly wiring.

The Omni Wand T2 LED and Omni Spot Vertical LED Lighting Systems' fixtures can be quickly and simply configured either in the shop or right on the jobsite with available, easy to cut 4-ft. and 8-ft. long, ½-in. diameter silver anodized aluminum extrusions, trimmable 12-in. long LED rigid ribbon lighting strips, solder free connecting clips, which permit multiple LED rigid ribbon lighting strips to be seamlessly connected to one another, and a host of obtainable power supplies, switches, dimmers, sensors and accessories needed to complete your installation.

Similar in illumination to much higher wattage bulbs of comparable media, Outwater's Omni Wand T2 LED and Omni Spot Vertical LED Lighting Systems produce high lumen output and color rendering indexes to ensure that your exhibits, displays, showcases and shelving always look their very best.

3) LED Integrated Standoffs for Signage & Displays

Utilizing diminutive LED's that are integrated in between the body of the standoff and its screw on flat cap as a light source, Outwater's LED Integrated Standoffs for Signage and Displays use the acrylic or Plexiglas sign holders to which they have been affixed as the medium to diffuse backlit cool white illumination to mounted graphics, posters and promotional messages.

The 12V LED Integrated Standoffs simply plug into an available junction box via an included connecting cable and derive their power from an optional power supply that can run up to ten LED standoffs.  Outwater's low cost, energy efficient LED Integrated Standoffs consume merely .4 watts per unit, yet have a 40 lumen output with an approximate 10,000 hour bulb life.

Available in polished and matte chrome, Outwater's aluminum LED Integrated Standoffs have a diameter and height of 1-inch, and can accommodate panel materials up to ½-in. thick.

Outwater's LED Integrated Standoffs come complete with all necessary mounting hardware to quickly bring your signage, displays, directories and art to fruition.

4) Non-Neon Flexible LED Lighting

Designed as an innovative alternative to outdated, fragile glass tube neon signs, which are difficult and time consuming to fabricate and install, Outwater's 120V Non-Neon Flexible LED Lighting enables you to easily produce illuminated signs and designs wherever desired by simply plugging the light directly into an AC outlet without any need for transformers, drivers, repeaters or amplifiers. 

Available in seven vivid colors in 15-ft. and 30-ft. coils, which can be field cut in increments as necessitated and bent to a minimum radius of 1.60-in., Outwater's Non-Neon Flexible LED Lighting is UL Recognized and is rated for 100,000 hours of usage, offering far greater efficiency than any comparable lighting. 

Comprising miniature LED's spaced ½-in. on center in a uniquely flexible yet extremely durable PVC jacket designed to withstand the rigors of heavy weight loads, high impact and extreme temperature differentials, Outwater's Non-Neon Flexible LED Lighting is impervious to water and UV penetration, permitting its use in adverse climate and weather conditions in which other forms of comparable lighting could not be otherwise used.

Outwater's Non-Neon Flexible LED Lighting not only lends itself for indoor or outdoor use, it offers superior brightness, superlative flexibility and no hot spots for uniform luminosity.

5) LED Crystal Light Box for Cable Shelving Hardware

Outwater's highly efficient LED Crystal Light Box for Cable Shelving Hardware Systems is an economical and easy way to light up your illustrations, advertisements and messages without a visible power supply. 

An ultra slim design allows for the LED Crystal Light Box to be installed almost anywhere without taking up an appreciable amount of floor space. 

Designed not only to provide even light distribution, but to also offer the clarity of an LCD Light Box at fraction of its cost,  Outwater's LED Crystal Light Box will evenly backlight your promotions without any shadows or scalloping, making certain that your marketing efforts are always optimally presented.

6) Tri-Mod LED Backlighting Panels

Ideally suited for use in tight applications with less than 1-in. of installation depth, Outwater's 1/16th-in. thick Tri-Mod LED Backlighting Panels are a great way to uniformly backlight promotional messages without any hot spots or uneven light dispersion in stores, restaurants, museums, exhibit booths and commercial buildings. 

Constructed of virtually shatterproof fiberglass, each panel uses dimmable SMD3528 LED chips, and is manufactured with constant current technology, thus allowing for an approximate life expectancy of 50,000 hours with minimal to no light degradation.  Moreover, each LED chip has a beam spread of 120° and provides 720 lumens or 5,500 lux per square foot at an installation depth of 1-1/2-in.

Offered in six different sizes, Outwater's low voltage, prewired Tri-Mod LED Backlighting Panels are easy to install and interconnect to one another without soldering, and can be arranged in many different configurations to accommodate almost any type of application.

7) AT Tubing & Connector Framing System

Great for use in applications such as straightforward display units or even elaborate structural systems, Outwater's AT Tubing & Connector Framing System comprises 1-in. square aluminum tubing with flanges of various wall thicknesses and complementary connectors to fastens panels of different sizes. 

Outwater's AT Tubing & Connector Framing System enables designers and contractors the freedom, flexibility and versatility to easily build and realize custom permanent and semi-permanent structures such as exhibits, displays, gazebos, kiosks, wall and store fixtures, interconnected display board panels as well as complete exhibit systems for use in all types of environments.

8) The FOGA® Exhibit & Display Fastening System

Outwater's FOGA® Exhibit & Display Fastening System has been extensively used worldwide and is recognized as the “Industry's First Aluminum Component System” since 1971 in applications ranging from simple, decorative display partitions to highly complex, custom permanent and semi-permanent, structural two tiered exhibit systems. 

Encompassing a vast selection of aluminum profiles, connectors, hinges and accessories, Outwater has enhanced its manufacturing and production capabilities of the FOGA® Exhibit & Display Fastening System with its recently improved ability to create radii that can further accommodate the curvature of almost any inside, outside or arch radius application without causing any profile deformation.

Outwater's FOGA® Exhibit & Display Fastening System is built around a simple connecting device that rapidly attaches extrusions with the use of only one tool, an Allen key, designed to provide a simple yet effective locking technique while minimizing labor and material costs. 

Available in anodized clear, black gold and brite powder coated finishes, all components of Outwater's FOGA® Exhibit & Display Fastening System complement each other. 

In addition, the FOGA® Exhibit & Display Fastening System's unique and infinitely variable 360° Hinge is a remarkable feat of design and engineering, permitting displays to swing through a 360° arc without diminishing the strength of the remainder of the fastening system.  The 360° Hinge enables a single person to set up and take down any number of display walls, which fold flat for easy transportation.

Outwater's FOGA® Exhibit & Display Fastening System is compatible for use with industry standard hardware and accessories.

9) The KLEM® Connector

Renowned for its numerous design ingenuity awards and on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art for its incomparable aesthetics, Outwater's KLEM® Connector provides a simple, low cost alternative to other types of fasteners that have been utilized in the past for exhibition and display purposes. 

Housing two changeable, rotating synthetic rubber inserts in its uniquely shaped, high strength injection molded zinc alloy body, Outwater's KLEM® Connector readily connects 1/8th-in. to ¾-in. wallboard panels and other construction elements together at any angle between 90° and 270° by means of a single hex key, saving approximately 30% to 50% of the costs normally associated with the construction, dismantling and shipping of exhibitions and displays.

About Outwater [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC:

Outwater can be contacted Toll Free at 1-800-631-8375 (For sales and product information in the USA & Canada) / 1-201-498-8750 (For sales and product information outside of the USA & Canada) or viewed online at www.outwater.com

Outwater was founded as a brick and mortar company in August 1972 on the premise to provide small and midsized furniture and cabinet manufacturers with a reliable source from whom they could purchase plastic extrusions in the amounts that reflected their actual requirements rather than the often substantial minimum quantities that were dictated by numerous manufacturers.

From the vendor of a single product line, Outwater, with sales and distribution facilities in New Jersey and Arizona, is established as an international manufacturer and distributor of more than 65,000 traditional and innovative component products required by woodworkers, cabinet and furniture manufacturers, builders, remodelers, designers, architects, point-of-purchase and display fixturing manufacturers, OEM's, as well as a diversified range of other commercial and retail customers.

Major Product Categories include Plastic & Aluminum Extrusions; Lighting and Lighting Accessories; Furniture, Cabinet & Store Fixture Components; Knobs & Pulls; Casters; Fasteners; Laminates; The Foga Exhibit & Display Fastening System; The Klem Connector; Literature Displays; Slatwall; Sign Holders; P.O.P Components; Display Motors & Turntables; Pedestals; Injection Molded Parts; Brass Tubing & Fittings; Surfacing Materials; Interior & Exterior Polymer & Wood Architectural Mouldings & Millwork; Orac Decor and DEM Architectural Mouldings & Millwork; Columns & Capitals; Balustrading; Wrought Iron Components; Decorative Stamped Steel & Polymer Ceiling Panels; Wainscoting; Wall Coverings; Fireplace Surrounds; Plastic "Glass" Block; Period & Contemporary Hardware; Kitchen & Bath Accessories; Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry and Vanities… and so much more!


Joey Shimm, Director of Marketing

Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC

(201) 498-8750

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