Outdoor-Grade Tape offers regenerative UV surface protection.

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UV-ProTEK(TM) employs continually regenerated ultraviolet inhibitor system that continually blocks 100% of UV rays from surface onto which tape is applied, eliminating ongoing maintenance concerns. Resistant to abrasion, product will not lift, stain, or dry-out and will help preserve finish of high-wear surfaces prone to scratching, chipping, and weathering. It has been tested on wood surfaces against deterioration for 3+ years and comes in various widths/lengths.

Original Press Release:

Announcing UV-ProTEK(TM), The Regenerative UV Surface Protection System from Patco® Performance Engineered Tapes

Innovative Adhesive Continually Blocks Harmful Rays and Provides Long-Term Surface Protection

FRANKLIN, MA, July 27, 2009 - UV-ProTEK(TM) is a premium outdoor grade tape with a first-to-market regenerative ultraviolet inhibitor (UVI) system that effectively combats and blocks 100% of the UV rays from the surface on which the tape is applied. Ideal for most substrates, UV-ProTEK(TM) is the ultimate aftermarket defense to preserve the showroom quality finish of most high-wear surfaces prone to scratching, chipping, and weathering. Applications include watercraft, outdoor plastic and wood furniture, handrails, air foils and ground effects panels on race cars and trucks, turbine blades, signage, and many other applications.

Developed by the Patco® Performance Engineered Tapes product group of Berry Plastics, these unprecedented levels of UV protective properties are continually regenerated, making UV-ProTEK(TM) a must-have for any asset owner who wants to defend against fading or discoloration without ongoing maintenance. UV-ProTEK(TM) has been tested and proven on wood surfaces against deterioration for 3+ years, using the standards of ASTM G26(A)2 (weathering cycle) as measured by an Atlas Ci5000 Weather-Ometer®. UV-ProTEK(TM) is available in a variety of widths and lengths to accommodate both narrow and wide surface protection applications of any size.

"We are very proud of the properties engineered into UV-ProTEK(TM). The regenerative UVI that blocks, not filters, the ultra violet rays truly distinguishes the product as unique. Additionally, this product has been developed in response to the need to reduce the amount of time invested in maintaining a 'like-new' finish for high-dollar assets. The ultra-high clarity, conformability, and unique adhesive that has long-term staying power (but can be removed cleanly) all contribute to its desirability and ease of use," says Mr. Ernie Giordano, Director of Sales and Marketing, Performance Engineered Tapes, Berry Plastics Tapes and Coatings Division.

Available for immediate shipment, UV-ProTEK(TM) resists abrasion and will not lift, stain, or dry-out. It has a poly liner for application ease and/or die-cutting applications.

For further information or a free sample please contact Ernie Giordano at 508.918.1684 - or email PatcoTapeProducts@berryplastics.com.

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