OSIsoft Announces PI System Product Updates at 2007 User Conference

Leader in Performance Management Software Supports Microsoft Office Business Application and OPC Foundation Unified Architecture

MONTEREY, Calif., Aug. 7 - OSIsoft User Conference - OSIsoft, the leader in performance management software, today announced product updates for the PI System, the industry standard in enterprise data historians. In support of the Microsoft Office 2007 initiatives, new releases of OSIsoft's RtWebParts and PI DataLink for Excel Services are available as Office Business Application (OBA) tools. As part of the OBA platform, OSIsoft is adopting Microsoft's Silverlight technology within RtWebParts to offer customers more advanced visualization and flexibility for their daily business operations. Additionally, the release of PI Notifications, a new notification system for the PI System, will enable users to build custom alerts based on any data source referenced by the PI System.

Also announced today is OSIsoft's support for the OPC Foundation Unified Architecture (OPC UA) standard. In support of OPC UA, OSIsoft is building a set of products that will expose operations data through the UA standard, giving users and partners a more complete picture of their PI System data.

"OSIsoft has been a significant partner in our efforts to establish common programming interfaces for effective data access throughout industrial automation and enterprise systems," said Tom Burke, president and executive director of the OPC Foundation. "OSIsoft's ongoing support for the OPC Universal Architecture is an important step, not only in delivering customers a supported standard for advanced uses of the PI System, but also in furthering the adoption of a common standard that promotes interoperability across the industry."

With the PI System, OSIsoft provides companies with visibility into their real-time data, enabling the entire global operations business to become more effective. Extended support for the Microsoft Office 2007 platform, adoption of Silverlight, and the addition of PI Notifications to the OSIsoft product suite enable customers to easily integrate with new technology platforms, access PI System data in various contexts and analyze their data in new ways.

"We're adding support for Microsoft's new platforms and technologies so our customers can easily distribute a single version of the truth across their business operations," said Gregg Le Blanc, Director, Technical Strategy, OSIsoft. "By integrating real-time data and analytics into Microsoft's infrastructure, we offer our customers a way to keep their enterprise applications and decision makers in context with their critical operations."


RtWebParts and PI DataLink for Excel Services as Office Business Application (OBA) tools are available immediately. PI Notifications will be available in late 2007. RtWebParts with Microsoft Silverlight will be available following the Silverlight 1.1 release, which is expected in 2008.

About OSIsoft

OSIsoft (http://www.osisoft.com/) delivers the PI System, the industry standard in enterprise historians, as the core of its real-time infrastructure platform. A global base of more than 11,000 installations across manufacturing, energy, utilities, life sciences and other process industries relies upon the OSIsoft PI System to safeguard data and deliver enterprise- wide visibility into operational health in order to manage assets, mitigate risks, and identify new market opportunities.

Founded in 1980, OSIsoft, Inc. is headquartered in San Leandro, Calif., with operations worldwide and is privately held.

Website: www.osisoft.com

Source: OSIsoft, Inc.

CONTACT: Elizabeth Kollross, +1-650-480-4070, for OSIsoft, Inc

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