OSI Systems Announces Agreement with Brijot Imaging Systems to Develop and Distribute Passive Milimeter-Wave Scanning Solutions

OSI Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:OSIS), a vertically-integrated provider of specialized electronic products for critical applications in the security and healthcare industries, announced today that its Security division, Rapiscan Systems, has entered into a private label distribution agreement with Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc., a leading provider of passive millimeter wave technology. The agreement calls for the two companies to develop, market and sell people-screening and object detection solutions that combine Brijots and Rapiscans expertise in millimeter wave and X-Ray technology for military, Homeland Security and commercial customers, worldwide.

Brijots passive millimeter wave technology can rapidly detect and image a wide range of concealed objects and substances, such as liquids, gels, explosives, ceramics, plastics, as well as metals. In addition, it can be used with moving or stationary subjects and operated remotely to reduce threats to security personnel.

Rapiscan Systems President, Ajay Mehra, stated, We believe there is a large and growing demand for integrated security solutions that combine multiple technologies, so we are pleased to work with Brijot to expand our range of advanced body scanning products. We intend to work with Brijot to bring to market new products and services that leverage Rapiscans deep expertise in x-ray technologies and our global distribution and service network. Rapiscan will now be able to offer its customers the choice of screening people for threats in a stand-off mode utilizing passive millimeter wave technology or in a portal mode utilizing our proprietary backscatter X-Ray technology. Brijots technology is expected to be integrated with our existing products so that we can offer our customers a layered security checkpoint that efficiently detects a wide range of concealed metallic and non-metallic security threats.

Brijot Imaging Systems President and CEO, Mitchel J. Laskey, stated, Brijot is pleased to consummate this partnership with a global industry leader like Rapiscan. Their interest in furthering the development and support of our passive millimeter wave system provides additional validation of our market leading technology. We are confident that this private label branding will increase the distribution penetration of our systems world-wide. The combination of passive millimeter wave and x-ray technologies benefit clients organizational security needs and delivers a comprehensive turnkey solution.

About OSI Systems, Inc.

OSI Systems, Inc. and its subsidiaries is a vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of specialized electronic systems and components for critical applications. The Company sells its products in diversified markets, including homeland security, healthcare, defense and aerospace. The Company has more than 30 years of experience in electronics engineering and manufacturing and maintains offices and production facilities located in more than a dozen countries. OSI Systems implements a strategy of expansion by leveraging its electronics and contract manufacturing capabilities into selective end product markets through organic growth and acquisitions. For more information on OSI Systems Inc. or any of its subsidiary companies, visit www.osi-systems.com.

About Rapiscan Systems

Rapiscan Systems, a division of OSI Systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of high quality security inspection solutions utilizing X-ray and gamma-ray imaging, and advanced threat identification techniques such as neutron and diffraction analysis. The companys products are sold into four market segments; Baggage and Parcel Inspection, Cargo and Vehicle Inspection, Hold Baggage Screening and People Screening. The company has an installed base globally of more than 50,000 security and inspection systems. The Rapiscan Systems product line is manufactured at four locations and supported by a global support service network. For more information on Rapiscan Systems, please visit www.rapiscansystems.com.

About Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc.

Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc., an industry leader for passive millimeter wave object detection and people screening technology, with corporate and training offices in Orlando, Florida, designs, manufactures and sells an advance millimeter-wave object detection and people screening system known as BIS-WDSGEN 2. Brijot's unsurpassed technology focuses on meeting security challenges in high threat environments. The company began full-scale manufacturing and distribution of units to customers across the globe in 2006. For more information on Brijot Imaging System, please visit www.brijot.com.

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