OSAI Provides OPENcontrol(TM) for NEWCNC Routers Used for Machining High Quality Wood Cabinets and Furniture

OPENcontrol Has Easy-To-Learn And Operation Features

Chicopee, MA - High Quality wood cabinets and furniture are produced with precision and speed using NewCNC Routers guided by the OPENcontrol from OSAI USA. These are heavy duty, multi-axis routers (3, 4 and 5 axis depending on model) that provide users with easy-to-learn and operate features.


With speeds in X and Y-axis up to 3180 ipm and 800 ipm in the Z-axis, the routers from NewCNC Routers, Inc. feature the latest servo motors, ball screws and closed loop positioning systems. OSAI’s OPENcontrol is the ideal choice for these advanced routers because it is industry standard G-Code with a simple and straight-forward and fully customizable user interface. It fully supports the closed loop positioning of the high-powered servo motors and ball screws used in these routers.

“We really like the OPENcontrol ease of use and its reliability,” reports Tom Galzin, CEO of NewCNC Routers, Inc. “Using our in-house developed operator screens it’s complicated, we can train an operator with no CNC experience, and even those with no computer experience, to operate our routers in a single training day, the rest of the training class is just repetition. The OPENcontrol electronics and modules are very reliable. Our machine owners do not have control problems.”

As for the change to OPENcontrol, this is what Mr. Galzin had to say: “You don’t make a control change lightly. We started out with our Smart Router series using OPENcontrol. It turned out it was a little more expensive than others we looked at, but the reliability made up the difference. Not having to take service calls from users about control malfunctions made it worth the extra cost. So we’ve standardized with OPENcontrol on all four series model routers including custom machines.”

OPENcontrol Versatility Interfaces With Most Machine Systems

“Like many other OEM’s who integrate the OPENcontrol into their machines, it was an ideal choice for NewCNC Routers because it provided control simplicity and reliability. “Our focus is to keep it simple,” stated Mr. Galzin, “The number one important thing for any production machine is reliability. It can have all of the bells and whistles but if it’s not running, the bells and whistles don’t help you. OPENcontrol is rock solid – we love its reliability.”

OPENcontrol Backed By Talented Support People

Another nice feature NewCNC Routers liked is OSAI’S technical support. “One of their aces in the hole is that they have very, very talented support people. They are extraordinarily patient and knowledgeable,” stated Mr. Galzin. “We’ve worked with the OSAI organization and OPENcontrol for over three years and are very satisfied.”

Heart Of The OPENcontrol Is Its Power

“OSAI’S OPENcontrol family of CNC’s are scalable and with a computing power easily adaptable to any customized requirement, reports Ivica Simunic, national sales manager for OSAI USA.  “It requires no modification to the software or the application and with block processing speeds of up to 7,000 blocks per second. The OPENcontrol can also use compact or modular drives, servo motors, and spindle motors to meet any application need.”

Another important feature is OSAI’s real-time SoftPLC. When integrated in the CNC, it is extremely versatile allowing interface of the control with most machine systems. These include simple 3-axis milling machines to multi-axes and multi-spindle machining centers including all models in the NewCNC Router line.

OPENcontrol is backed by OSAI’s more than 50 years experience providing leading original equipment manufacturers and machine builders with state-of-the-art CNC control solutions.

For more information about OSAI’s OPENcontrol software, call 413-598-5200, or visit http://www.osaicnc.com or email sales.osai.usa.@primelectro.com. Location: OSAI USA, 711 East Main Street, Chicopee, Massachusetts 01020.

For more information about NEWCNC.com call 616-994-8844, or visit http://www.newcnc.com  Email tom@newcnc.com, Location: 510 E 40TH ST, Holland, MI 49423

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