Oryx Simulations Reduces Volvo, Cargotec and ABB Time to Market and Optimizes Their Products

UMEA, Sweden -

Today, Oryx Simulations supports manufacturers that are under pressure to reduce their time to market and optimize their products into higher levels of performance and reliability.

Their products are being developed by us in the form of virtual prototypes in which engineering simulation software is used to predict performance prior to constructing physical prototypes.

Engineers that are using our hardware and software can quickly explore the performance of several design alternatives without investing the time and money required to build physical prototypes. The ability to explore a wide range of design alternatives leads to improvements in performance and design quality.

With a strong base in stable, high fidelity simulations Oryx simulations provides tools for easy manipulation and integration with established development processes.

What are the benefits for Oryx Simulations virtual prototyping?

Identify and reject bad design choices early in the process

Evaluate conceptual designs together with operators and control systems

Evaluate and optimize full system, including operator and control system

The early bird gets the worm

Investing in a simulator early in a project means possibilities to utilize the product throughout the entire development cycle thus spreading the cost over the entire project. As an upside of this you can end up with a fully developed marketing and training solution before your product even hits the market.

We really believe this and stand ready to do the math with you using your preconditions and your development situation to see if our solution might be something for you.

We love to learn

Any project, idea, technique you might have - let us talk about it. It doesn't matter if it involves setting up the base project assets or evaluating a new dead reckoning method - we love to be involved in your project and understand how we could aid your development work with simulation.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further discussions regarding your development process.

If you have the opportunity, we would like to meet you at Intermat Paris in France to tell you more about us. We will be waiting for you at Hall 5A L089.

Oryx Simulations

Contact: Derny Häggström, Vice President, Business Development, derny.haggstrom@oryx.se, Mobile. +46-70-512-55-52 / Oryx Simulations AB, Tony Ulander, Marketing Director, Oryx KAM, tel.: +46-70-337 29 02, tony.ulander@oryx.se


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