Orchestra Pit Fall Protection

With InCord's Custom Fabricated Safety Netting

Colchester - June 20th, 2008 - InCord, located in Colchester, Connecticut is the largest netting fabricator in North America. As of May 8th, 2008 we are ISO Certified (ISO 9001:2000) for the design, manufacture and supply of safety netting and related equipment.

In recent news, The Atlanta Ballet troop was fined by OSHA after a 17 year old girl sustained serious injuries after falling off a ballet theatre stage down into the orchestra pit. The citation is for having an open sided floor with a drop of over four feet unprotected by railings or other safety materials. This could have been avoided, and can be avoided for all theatres in the future.

The solution is easy: a custom fabricated safety net from InCord. We already specialize in fall protection nets (personnel safety nets) for the construction and industrial industry and our nets are OSHA compliant. Our sales representatives care about your needs, and will not sell you anything but the highest quality net for your application.

We recommend fall protection nets for your orchestra pit, made of N820H, a high tenacity polypropylene net that can withstand heavy loads, complete with reinforced rope borders and safety snap hooks for easy attachment.

In our business, safety is first. Make it your business to have safety come first too.

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