Orbital Weld Heads utilize 100% digital technology.

Press Release Summary:

Incorporating digital encoder drive motors, 800 Series maximizes arc-on productivity and eliminates need for weld head calibration. Over-close collet clamping system and full exchange water cooling system allow for true 100% duty cycle. Available in 5 models, enclosed autogenous orbital weld heads cover broad range of tube sizes from .125-6.625 in. OD.

Original Press Release:

New Orbital Head Gets Digital Technology

Digital Drive Makes Weld Head Calibration Obsolete

With orbital welding technology past the 50 year milestone, many orbital welding users are fed up with old technology analog controls used in most orbital weld heads that constantly require calibration. According to John Emmerson, President of Magnatech, LLC, the industry has demanded that current digital technology replace older analog technology controls used by most orbital welding systems to maximize "arc on" productivity and eliminate needless calibration.

Electronic technology has made huge leaps forward in quality, performance and size reduction. Magnatech has recognized that current digital technology must be integrated into the orbital welding marketplace and has just introduced a brand new, full line of enclosed autogenous orbital weld heads that utilize 100% digital technology. The new 800 Series weld heads from Magnatech incorporate 100% digital encoder drive motors eliminating the need for weld head calibration, saving countless hours of lost production on the job.

New construction techniques make the 800 Series very cost effective, simple to field service and engineered to be extremely durable. Unique design, patent applied for "over-close" collet clamping system and exclusive "full exchange" water cooling system allows for true 100% duty cycle. Five models will cover a broad range of tube sizes from .125" (3 mm) OD to 6.625" (168 mm) OD.

If you would like more information about this product, please contact Bill Bonow at (815) 715-3253 or email at bbonow@magnatechllc.com

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