Orbital Motors target earth-moving propulsion vehicles.

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Models TMKW, TMTW, and TMVW replace radial piston motors in mobile equipment. Model TMKW offers continuous and intermittent pressure of 250 and 325 bar, respectively, with displacements from 160-470 cc. Featuring continuous and intermittent pressure of 250 and 350 bar, wheel-mount Model TMTW offers displacements from 250-630 cc. Suited for heavy-duty propel and work functions, Model TMVW features same pressure levels as TMTW, but offers displacments from 400-800 cc.

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New Sauer-Danfoss T-Series Fills a Need for High-Performance, Efficient, Long-Life Motors

TMKW, TMTW, TMVW high torque motors can replace higher-priced radial piston motors in a wide range of mobile equipment

Sauer-Danfoss has just added to their ability to provide the entire drive train system of piston pumps, gear pumps, valves and motors to mobile equipment manufacturers. A new group of high performance orbital motors, added to the existing T-series, fills a gap in a growing market of propulsion vehicles that require "earth-moving" performance and efficiency in demanding work situations, such as skid steer loaders and forestry equipment.

The TMKW, TMTW and TMVW bring three new wheel mount versions of orbital motors to solve the OEMs' need for more utilized power and tractive effort. The T-Series family of motors provides high torque efficiencies, translating into higher tractive effort during digging operations. Due to high overall efficiencies, these motors are optimized for both travel and digging conditions, consuming less horsepower, which means there is less HP to cool. The new motors also provide operators more controllability and smoother operation due to better torque symmetry (equal performance left motor to right motor), as well as trouble-free service and long life.

"The TMKW, TMTW and TMVW are setting a new standard in the industry for robustness and pressure capability, and bridge the gap in price and technology between cam lobe and orbital motors for demanding applications," said Jeff Brenner, Product Manager. "They provide an alternative to an OEM who prefers not to pay the cost of a traditional cam lobe (radial piston) motor, like you may find in many road rollers, skid steer loaders and forestry equipment. They provide a new solution where a high-pressure, efficient and durable orbital motor was never before available."

The smaller TMKW has been designed for challenging propel applications like small frame skid steer loaders, heavy lawn and turf vehicles, small road rollers, rough terrain scissor lifts, and other construction applications that require smooth low speed operation, high pressure, compact design and a longer life. The TMKW maintains a consistent high efficiency throughout machine operation - the continuous and intermittent pressure being 250 bar and 325 bar respectively. High-starting torque contributes further to the wheel motor's suitability for operation on rough and hilly terrain. Displacements range from 160 to 470cc, while side and end ports provide flexible installation options. The TMK is also available with a compact integrated hydraulic parking and emergency brake. The TMK is available in a wheel mount (TMKW), brake mount (TMK FL), magneto mount and SAE "C" mount.

The next largest in the T-Series is the TMT. The new wheel mount version of the existing TMT Series motor (TMTW) works well on applications like medium frame skid steer loaders (propel) and forestry equipment (harvester heads). The TMTW are highly efficient and robust, with the continuous and intermittent pressure being 250 bar and 350 bar respectively. The TMTW is available in displacement from 250 to 630cc. The TMT Series is available in standard mount (TMT), brake mount (TMT FL), bearingless (TMT U) and wheel mount (TMTW).

The largest frame TMVW is well suited to heavy-duty propel and work functions, such as road building equipment and forestry, that require high power and very high levels of robustness. The TMVW is rated at the same pressure levels as the TMTW, with displacement ranges from 400 to 800cc, but equipped with an even larger drive train for high duty cycle applications.

"Machine design engineers can rely on this new family of T-Series motors for improved performance on challenging machine designs," said Brenner.

More information on the T-series motors is available by calling 515-956-5750 or by contacting Nadvertising@sauer-danfoss.com.

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