Oracle Enhances Upgrade Management Service to Help Accelerate Customer Success

Advanced Customer Services Offering Enables Customers to Seamlessly Upgrade to Latest Version of Oracle® Database

ORACLE OPENWORLD SAN FRANCISCO, CA 12-NOV-2007 05:00 AM Oracle today announced enhancements to its Advanced Customer Services Upgrade Management Service, which is designed to help customers minimize upgrade risk and increase the value of their software investment. The offering provides a comprehensive portfolio of simple, fast and cost-effective upgrade management tools and services that help Oracle customers seamlessly move from their current Oracle environments to the most appropriate versions for their business. Built on the Oracle Services Framework, the Oracle Advanced Customer Services Upgrade Management Service supports ITIL version 3 and provides timed offerings to meet the individual needs of each customer; whether they choose to upgrade in-house, use a third-party, or utilize Oracle(r) Consulting Services.

"Our goal is continual operational improvement for the entire Oracle stack," said Larry Abramson, senior vice president, Oracle Advanced Customer Services. "The enhancements to the Upgrade Management Service are designed, developed and tested to help Oracle users leverage our expertise to ensure their upgrade projects are successful."

Reducing Complexity in the Upgrade Process

The Oracle Advanced Customer Services Upgrade Management Service is a three-phased process optimized to deliver measurable results to customers by helping to eliminate challenges that can be associated with the upgrade process, minimize business disruption, and maximize the value of existing Oracle investments. Specifically, the three phases consist of:

o Phase One - Upgrade Pre-Planning Analysis: A two-day review by Oracle Advanced Customer Services experts using proven measurement tools to assist customers in aligning business and IT strategies and in making upgrade decisions.

o Phase Two - Upgrade Management: Dedicated on-site or remote Advanced Customer Services specialists provide oversight, assistance and advice on upgrade management, service delivery reviews, critical service request assistance, and stand-by assistance.

o Phase Three - Post Upgrade Evaluation: Advanced Customer Services provides a two-day interactive session to evaluate and measure the results of the upgrade and offer new services as applicable.
With the three-phase offering, Oracle Advanced Customer Services helps accelerate time to value with superior technology advancements, provides the confidence to upgrade with unparalleled expertise, and helps lower risk with faster, simpler upgrades.

For more information, visit, which currently features the upgrade service for Oracle 9i Database Release 9.2 customers interested in upgrading to Oracle Database 11g.

About Oracle Advanced Customer Services

Oracle Advanced Customer Services provide customers a powerful array of flexible and adaptable support solutions to help expedite problem resolution for higher availability; improve the alignment between IT and business strategies; increase the speed of product and technology adoption and IT knowledge; and drive down the costs of their IT infrastructure while lowering risk.

About Oracle Database 11g

Oracle Database is the only database designed for grid computing. With more than 400 new features, 36,000 person-months of development, and 15 million test hours, Oracle Database 11g is making the management of enterprise information easier than ever, enabling customers to know more about their business and innovate more quickly. Oracle Database 11g delivers superior performance, scalability, availability, security and ease of management on a low-cost grid of industry standard storage and servers.

About Oracle

Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is the world's largest enterprise software company. For more information about Oracle, please visit our Web site at

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