Optimization Toolkit diagnoses then repairs PC problems.

Press Release Summary:

Offering multilingual support, Premium Booster v2.2 scans PC for problems and repairs issues that may be hindering Windows performance. Integrated scheduler automates execution of optimization functions, allowing users to back up/restore registry, defragment it, scan and fix errors, export scan results, and create restoration checkpoints. Various options may be specified for each separate task. Notification and installation of new versions/updates is automatic.

Original Press Release:

Elcor Software Releases Premium Booster 2.2

Powerful software to diagnose, cure and optimize your system.

Premium Booster is a powerful optimization toolkit with a set of unique features. It will scan your PC for problems and repair found issues which may be hindering your Windows performance.

Premium Booster will rejuvinate your Windows increasing its performance, so that you'll quickly notice the results. The program is both easy and safe to use and doesn't require any specific skills to achieve good results.

What's new in v2.12:
Now Premium Booster comes with its own scheduler which will help you to automate execution of optimization functions on your PC. Scheduler allows you to back up/restore registry, defragment it, scan & fix errors, export scan results, create restoration checkpoints. You can specify various options for each separate task which makes it easy and flexible to schedule almost any task you need. Premium Booster's scheduler is less than 50kb in size and doesn't occupy system resources so that you can continue to work with comfort.

Added Web Update support. Now you don't have to worry about having the latest version available as Premium Booster will promtly notify you if the new version is out. The program will automatically check for updates and install them on your PC.

Added multilanguage support. Now Premium Booster's engine supports multiple languages and you can set the program to use your native language. Currently we're looking for people who can help us to localize Premium Booster to other languages. The help file contains a tutorial explaining step by step how one can localize the program to his language.

Updated Startup Manager. Now you can add user comments for desired programs and set/change their danger level. This will make work with startup list more comfortable.

Updated graphics. Graphical engine has been also rewritten in order to eliminate some bugs and improve performance. Now progress bar and some other controls feature a new look. New fonts applied to make GUI look nicer.

Fixed bug connected with incorrect handling of opening internet links.
Fixed problem with text aligning.
Added filtration of NoRemove parameter while scanning Uninstall section in registry.
Fixed bugs:
Access violation at address 005E39B4 in module 'PremiumBooster.exe'. Read of address 707041AC.
Not enough timers available. Exception class: EOutOfResources Exception address: 0043D172 A call to an OS function failed.
Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window

The price of a single copy is 26.95 US Dollars for Premium Booster.

System Requirements: 4 Mb HDD, 8 Mb RAM

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