OpTier and Sun Microsystems Collaborate to Optimize IT Infrastructure

NEW YORK, Jan. 22 // -- OpTier(TM), the leader in transaction workload management for the enterprise, today announced that its award-winning CoreFirst product now offers full support for the Solaris(TM) 10 operating system (OS).

OpTier and Sun entered into a joint development marketing agreement, under which the two companies will collaborate to allow customers unique transaction workload management capabilities with Solaris 10 OS advanced virtualization, resource management and diagnostics capabilities. This will help customers optimize infrastructure investment and achieve service level objectives.

CoreFirst provides visibility into transactions running on the Solaris 10 OS to assure service levels and optimize IT resources to support business needs. The collaboration with Sun extends the benefits of Solaris Containers and service manageability capabilities to provide customers the capability to optimize and manage their virtualized environments based on business parameters, allowing for a better total cost of ownership while meeting their customers' and business requirements.

"With business service delivery as the focus of IT organizations and business units, the combination of OpTier's transaction workload management capabilities and unique Solaris 10 OS features like Solaris Containers, resource management and DTrace provides customers with a unique and comprehensive visibility and control over their application and transaction stack," said Juan Carlos Soto, vice president of market development at Sun Microsystems. "Utilizing both CoreFirst and the Solaris 10 OS, organizations can assure the highest possible business service levels to inside and outside customers while lowering management complexity and total cost of ownership."

CoreFirst provides an innovative and unique approach to transaction workload management by assuring application performance and availability at the transaction level. It automatically discovers, tracks and profiles all transactions - across all tiers - to clearly map IT business service topology at the transaction level. This improves collaboration among different stakeholders by providing them with a common transactional context, and it reduces the cost and time to resolve application and platform performance issues. CoreFirst further helps to maintain a fair share of resources and prioritize transactions based on business policies. Thus an organization can protect core services and users while delivering more from its current IT infrastructure.

"As our customer base continues to grow, we have seen increasing demand for Solaris 10 OS support," said Israel Mazin, CEO of OpTier. "Clearly our customers realize the synergies between CoreFirst and the Solaris 10 OS and they are eager for us to combine the two technologies to further optimize their environment to meet business needs. Our support of the Solaris 10 OS builds upon our dedication to providing transaction visibility across all tiers to enable organizations to maintain exceptional service levels."

About OpTier

OpTier(TM) provides software solutions that dynamically link business services to underlying IT infrastructure, assuring service delivery and optimizing IT resources. Its unique Business Transaction Management(TM) technology - which delivers end-to-end visibility and control of all business transactions - makes effective Business Service Management a reality.

The dependence of business on IT manifests itself most clearly in the multitude of interactions between customers, employees and partners that occur at any given moment within a company's IT system. Each interaction represents a single IT-provided function (e.g. printing a report, placing an order, sending a query, etc.) and is referred to as a business transaction. For an enterprise to succeed, it needs to be able to view, and then manage, all such business transactions from both the business and IT perspectives. While both business and IT would like to know which services were consumed by whom and how quickly they were delivered, IT is further interested in which components participated in the service delivery and what the effect was on the overall infrastructure.

OpTier solutions address these challenges in production by automatically mapping business services to IT infrastructure. They track and monitor all business transactions - across all tiers, all the time - in order to create and maintain a complete profile of transaction activity in terms of time and resources. OpTier solutions actively identify and isolate performance problems as they develop, and before users can be affected, thus minimizing the cost and time to resolve them. OpTier solutions generate business service intelligence, for more effective testing, capacity planning, provisioning and decision-making. They can further prioritize transaction resource allocation based on business needs, especially under peak loads.

OpTier helps IT assess and improve its business effectiveness as well as optimize its investment in infrastructure and resources. And this is all done on an ongoing basis, without having to correlate events, change application codes or use any additional instrumentation. Headquartered in New York, OpTier serves enterprises throughout the U.S. and in Europe. For further information, visit www.optier.com.

OpTier, CoreFirst, Business Transaction Management and "Putting First Things First" are trademarks of OpTier.

Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun logo, and Solaris are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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Source: OpTier

Web site: www.optier.com/

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