Optical Transceivers suit serial data communication.

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Designed for Gigabit Ethernet applications, GBIC Series units provide IEEE-802.3 compliant link at data rates of 1.25 GB/sec. Housed in stainless steel package and operating from +3.3 V supply, hot-pluggable units are also compliant with ANSI specifications for fiber channel applications at 1.06 GB/sec. Receiver section incorporates 1,550 nm DFB for single-mode operation with temperature compensation and automatic power control circuit and InGaAs/InP PIN photodiode.

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GBIC Optical Transceiver Series for Serial Optical Data Communication Applications

Toronto, Canada - GAO Fiber Optics Inc. (www.GAOFiberOptics.com) has developed a high performance and cost effective module for serial optical data communication applications - GBIC optical transceiver series. The series is specifically designed for single-mode fiber and operation at various wavelengths. These transceiver family members are duplex SC transceivers designed for Gigabit Ethernet applications. These GBIC optical transceivers emulate the following EXTREME models: HGBIC-05713S, HGBIC-05715S, HGBIC-13213S, HGBIC-13215S, HGBIC-15213S, HGBIC-15215S ,HGBIC-33113S, HGBIC-33115S, HGBIC-38313M and HGBIC-38315M.

GAO's GBIC optical transceivers are hot-pluggable and housed in a stainless package resulting in a component of high reliability. The receiver section incorporates an advanced DFB for single-mode operation with temperature compensation and automatic power control circuit (APC) and an efficient InGaAs/InP PIN photodiode, with AGC for wide dynamic range. Also, this transceiver series provides an IEEE-802.3 compliant link at 1.25GB/s applications.

GAO's GBIC Optical Transceiver Series provide the following features:

1. 1550nm DFB, Single-Mode
2. Single +3.3V Power Supply
3. Duplex SC Connector, Hot-Pluggable
4. Data Rate: 1.25Gb/s, NRZ
5. Compliant with ANSI Specifications for Fiber Channel Applications at 1.06Gb/s, Gigabit Interface Converter Specification Rev.5.5(1) and Specifications of IEEE-802.3
6. Eye Safety, Designed to Meet Laser Class1, Compliant with IEC60825-1
7. RoHS Compliant Products Available

For more information about GAO's GBIC Optical Transceiver Series, please visit www.GAOFiberOptics.com or contact Sales@GAOFiberOptics.com About GAO Fiber Optics GAO Fiber Optics, a member company of GAO Group, is a leading provider of fiber optical testers, measurement instruments, transceivers and fiber optical devices.

For more information please visit www.GAOFiberoptics.com.

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