Optical System extends zoom range.

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Zoom 125C, for machine vision and inspection applications, delivers 12.5:1 zoom ratio, covering nominal magnification range of 0.52X through 6.5X, nominal working distance of 89 mm, and max resolution of 300 lp/mm. Modular design allows application-specific configurations by interchanging function modules with magnification and illumination accessories. Zoom 125C works with variety of cameras and is available in configurations with computer controllable zoom and focus.

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New Thales Optem Zoom 125c Extends Zoom Range And Imaging Performance In Machine Vision And Inspection Applications.

Rochester, New York, USA o September 10, 2002 - Thales Optem introduces the new Zoom 125C Optical System. Specifically designed to extend the zoom range and optical performance of Thales Optem's Zoom product line, the Zoom 125C delivers 12.5:1 zoom ratio covering a nominal magnification range of 0.52X through 6.5X, a nominal working distance of 89 mm, and a maximum resolution of 300 lp/mm in standard configuration. With a high-precision mechanical design, the Zoom 125C performs with extreme accuracy and parfocality throughout its entire zoom range.

The Zoom 125C features the Thales Optem's signature modular design, allowing application-specific configurations simply by interchanging Function Modules with a variety of magnification and illumination accessories above and below the zoom. This interchangeability occurs with no special tooling and without affecting the performance and optical integrity of the system.

To afford more economical upgrades for current Thales Optem Zoom customers, the Zoom 125C Optical System is compatible with all current Zoom 70XL Optical System accessories incorporated above the core zoom, including: TV Tubes, Reticle Projectors and Bayonet Adapters. Accessories used below the core zoom, such as Auxiliary Lenses and Objectives are system specific due to the optical distinctions of the Zoom 125C.

At the core of every operational Zoom 125C System resides three essential components...a TV Tube, an Upper Zoom Module and a Lower Function Module. Once this is established, users can add on a multitude of accessories to meet and flex with your application parameters. The Zoom 125C works in conjunction with a wide variety of cameras and is available in configurations with computer controllable Zoom and focus functions.

Located in Rochester, New York, Thales Optem (formerly Optem) specializes in the design, development and manufacture of zoom optical systems, custom optical solutions, relay optics and image analysis instruments. Thales Optem's optical systems meet the needs of customers in the machine vision, biomedical, metrology, life science, education, research, government intelligence, environmental management, semiconductor, and micro-electronic packaging markets. For more information on the Zoom 125C Optical System, contact Thales Optem or visit www.thales-optem.com.

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