Optical Sensor IC supports touchless motion detection.

Press Release Summary:

Integrating photodiode for detecting visible light with photodiode for IR light detection, Model BH1771GLC enables proximity sensing from 1-10 cm and brightness from 0-65,000 lux. Monolithic optical sensor includes touchless motion detection function, whereby up to 3 IR LEDs are driven and phase difference of reflected light from each LED is detected to determine direction of movement of reflecting object, making it possible to operate display panel without touching it.

Original Press Release:

The Industry's First Single-Chip Optical Proximity/Illumination Sensor IC with Touchless Motion Detection Function

ROHM Co., Ltd. has recently announced the development of the industry's first monolithic optical proximity/illumination sensor that supports touchless motion detection. Intended for devices utilizing a touch panel, such as smart phones and digital cameras, where an optical proximity sensor is normally integrated in order to turn ON/OFF the touch sensor and LCD when the phone is moved away from/to the ear as well as to adjust the brightness of the screen based on ambient conditions for longer battery life.

The BH1771GLC integrates a photodiode for detecting visible light along with a photodiode for infrared light detection on a single chip, enabling proximity sensing from 1 to 10cm and brightness from 0 to 65,000 lux. In addition, the industry's first touchless motion detection function is included, whereby multiple infrared LEDs (3 max.) are driven and the phase difference of the reflected light from each LED is detected to determine the direction of movement of the reflecting object (i.e. human hand). This makes it possible to operate a display panel without directly touching it (e.g. by simply moving an object approx. 5cm above the panel), enabling motion operation in display devices not equipped with a touch panel.

ROHM also offers high power infrared LEDs optimized for use with the BH1771GLC, such as the SIM-030 featuring a height of only 0.9mm and output power of approx. 30mW, enabling configuration of high performance touchless motion sensing solutions.

Pricing : 250 yen/unit

Availability: December 2009 (Samples), June 2010 (OEM Quantities)

Key Features

1. All circuits required for optical proximity and illumination sensing integrated on a single chip

2. Supports touchless motion detection

3. Wide brightness sensing range: 0 to 65,000 lux

4. Proximity sensing range: 1 to 10cm

5. Full control and configuration from Master side via I2C bus

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