Optical Inspection System verifies pharmaceutical products.

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Occupying 120 x 38 in. footprint with vibratory product feeder, VeriSym(TM) automatically verifies product color, size, and shape of nutraceuticals (VeriSym/N) or OTC and regulated pharmaceuticals (VeriSym/P). Fully enclosed system also removes defects and unconfirmed objects from product stream during inspection of up to 1,000,000 softgels/tablets per hour. Product settings can be stored in memory for future recall via icon-based GUI, which resides on pendant-style touch screen.

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Symetix Introduces VeriSym(TM) Product Verification System

February 26, 2009 - Symetix introduces VeriSym(TM), a new compact high-volume optical inspection system for verifying solid dose pharmaceuticals and nutraceauticals. Ideal for OTC and regulated softgels and tablets, VeriSym automatically verifies product color, size and shape and removes defects and foreign capsules and tablets (unconfirmed objects) from the product stream. In half the floorspace of other bulk inspection systems with similar throughput and resolution, VeriSym assures product quality while reducing labor costs.

"VeriSym satisfies customers who need the inspection capabilities of Symetix 's popular Optyx®SG inspection system but in a more compact footprint," commented Craig Miller, General Manager of Symetix. "VeriSym offers the same throughput and resolution of OptyxSG but in half the floorspace, which simplifies installation, especially in continuous lines. VeriSym uses the same software and much of the same hardware as the field-proven OptyxSG so the new system will be easy to validate."

In a footprint only 38 inches (970 mm) wide and 120 inches (3050mm) long, including the vibratory product feeder, VeriSym inspects up to 1,000,000 softgels or tablets per hour. The system removes virtually all unconfirmed objects and also removes defects such as broken tablets, stained tablets and tablets with missing coating if the coating is a different color than the underlying tablet as well as softgels with air bubbles, stained capsules and misshapen product.

Historically, most pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers and contract packers have relied on subjective and inconsistent manual inspection because, until recently, automated inspection systems did not offer the product verification capabilities and throughput that was needed. Compared to manual inspection, VeriSym offers a payback as rapid as one year based on labor savings alone. Improvements in production efficiency and product yield further speed payback.

VeriSym can be cleared and cleaned and set-up to handle the next product run in 20 minutes. Product settings can be stored in memory for quick and easy recall via the icon-based graphical user interface, which resides on a pendant-style touch screen that enables operator-access from either side of the system. In addition to residing locally, the GUI can be accessed remotely via network or Internet.

Symetix designed VeriSym/N for nutraceuticals and VeriSym/P for OTC and regulated pharmaceuticals. VeriSym/P is FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant with secure and encrypted logs, secure passcode management, parameter histograms and guided changeover. VeriSym/P features a parallel processor that enables operators to monitor images of every object of interest such as unconfirmed objects.

VeriSym uses proprietary color cameras to view product - four primary inspection cameras are located above and below the product stream. Symetix's image processing technology quickly analyzes the product images, comparing each object to previously defined accept/reject standards. When a defective product or unconfirmed object is identified, the system activates the close-coupled high-speed ejector system to remove it from the acceptable product stream. The system can be programmed to send an alarm or stop the product flow when an unconfirmed object is detected, which prevents unconfirmed objects from being accepted.

With its fully enclosed design, VeriSym contains products being inspected and provides protection from dust and contaminants falling into the product stream. The system features precision-machined conveyor parts for superior tracking, which reduces maintenance and downtime. Diffused lighting minimizes reflections to improve product imaging. VeriSym does not require liquid cooling, which simplifies installation and maintenance.

Designed to meet FDA requirements and comply with GAMP guidelines, VeriSym benefits from the company's 10-year history of supplying FDA-validated inspection systems to the pharmaceutical industry. Symetix offers complete engineering services and validation packages. VeriSym is backed by Symetix's and parent company Key Technology's worldwide service organization.

For manufacturers looking to automate their production lines by replacing batch processes with continuous processes, Symetix can integrate VeriSym with the Impulse(TM) Size Grader, PulseScrubber® continuous polisher and bulk packaging equipment as part of a continuous finishing line.

About Symetix
Symetix is the pharmaceutical business unit of Key Technology. With 60 years of experience in the food, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industries, Key is a leading manufacturer of best-in-class process automation systems. Symetix offers worldwide sales representation and maintains demonstration and testing facilities at Key's headquarters and manufacturing divisions in Walla Walla, Washington, USA, and at Key Technology BV in Beusichem, the Netherlands. Key's common stock trades on the Global Market tier of The NASDAQ Stock MarketSM under the symbol: KTEC.

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