Optical Circuit Switch provides up to 384 x 384 fiber ports.

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Occupying 4 RU of rack height, Series 7000 is based on DirectLight™ optical switch technology, which achieves optimized all-band performance for optical loss, crosstalk, and back reflection. Software-defined, non-blocking all-optical matrix switch can route over 3.7 Pb/s of optical traffic, with up to 9.6 Tb/s capacity per fiber. Platform offers set of configurable value-added functions, including optical power monitoring, variable attenuation, and autonomous optical layer protection switching.

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Polatis Delivers Industry's Highest Capacity, Highest Performance Software Defined Optical Cross Connect

New Series 7000 384x384 optical circuit switch enables new applications for virtualization and remote provisioning of fiber resources in telecom and data center networks.

BEDFORD, Mass. and CAMBRIDGE, England,  -- Polatis, the performance leader in fiber layer switching solutions, has brought to market the industry's highest port count all-optical cross connect. The new Polatis Series 7000 Optical Circuit Switch (OCS) is a fully non-blocking all-optical matrix switch with up to 384x384 fiber ports and is available immediately. Occupying just 4RU of rack height, the Series 7000 packs 20% more capacity into 40% less space than alternative solutions, while maintaining the superior performance and reliability attributes enabled by Polatis' proven DirectLight™ optical switch technology.

"In response to customer demand, we have doubled the maximum matrix size available from our DirectLight technology while maintaining leading-edge optical performance," said Nick Parsons, chief technology officer at Polatis. "With the addition of the new Series 7000 to the Polatis product family, we can now offer our customers the broadest range of high performance dynamic fiber cross-connect solutions together with open, programmable interfaces to meet the changing needs of today's software-defined networks."

The energy efficient Series 7000 OCS is based on Polatis' patented DirectLight optical switch technology, which achieves superior all-band performance for optical loss, crosstalk and back reflection. Rapid reconfiguration of any or all paths is accomplished in milliseconds, regardless of the power level, color or direction of light on the fiber. DirectLight is a dark fiber optical switch technology with total separation of control and data planes, allowing path pre-provisioning in mesh networks and requiring no knowledge of the fiber traffic to make and maintain fully transparent connections.

The 384x384 OCS only requires the energy consumption of a lightbulb, but can route over 3.7Pb/s of optical traffic, with up to 9.6Tb/s capacity per fiber. In addition, the Series 7000 OCS platform offers a rich set of configurable value-added functions, including optical power monitoring, variable attenuation and autonomous optical layer protection switching.

Software Control

The Series 7000 OCS combines the new industry benchmark for optical switch performance and matrix size with carrier-class embedded control interfaces that enable seamless integration with any Software Defined Network (SDN) controller. This combination enables Polatis customers to virtualize fiber layer connectivity, enabling reliable, remote and automated provisioning of the physical network layer.

The Series 7000 OCS supports open SDN protocols, including embedded OpenFlow, NETCONF and RESTCONF agents, and its network interface has been proven in one of the world's first SDN production deployments. Polatis is the first all-optical switch vendor to release a NETCONF interface and associated YANG models required for integration with transport SDN and network functions virtualization (NFV) management platforms.

Polatis has also recently partnered with Quali to integrate its platform with cloud orchestration software, which when paired with the Polatis 7000 OCS enables automated fiber layer provisioning and deployment at scale of new, more comprehensive system integration test suites.

"The combination of the new Series 7000 and its software feature set enables flexible, dynamic optical networks at scale," said Gerald Wesel, CEO at Polatis. "Through dynamic resource allocation, operational costs for truck rolls and manual patching are virtually eliminated, service quality and velocity are increased, and server utilization in data centers is dramatically improved. We now have unquestionably the broadest range of all optical switch products, from 4x4 to 384x384, that when coupled with our feature-rich software, enables network architects to use a perfectly sized solution to match their application."

For more information on the Series 7000 OCS and its application in telecom and data center networks, click here.

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Polatis delivers the world's lowest loss all-optical switching solutions for remote fiber-layer provisioning, protection, monitoring, reconfiguration and test, with over 3 billion port-hours accumulated in service to date. Dependable, field-proven DirectLight™ optical matrix switch technology scales from 4x4 to 384x384 ports, applying class-leading performance to provide dynamic connectivity for telecommunications, data center, government, test and video networks. For more information, please visit www.polatis.com.


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