OpenText Introduces First Auto-Classification Solution with Built-in Transparency and Defensibility

New Offerings Delivers Consistent, Defensible Classification of All Enterprise Content - Including Email and Social - Without End-User Intervention

WATERLOO, ON, - Large companies will enter into a new era of records management with a new solution introduced today by OpenText(TM) (NASDAQ: OTEX) (TSX: OTC). OpenText Auto-Classification is the first automated classification application with built-in transparency and defensibility, giving organizations a powerful way to manage the retention and disposition of high-volume, low-touch content such as social media, email, office documents and legacy content, to reduce legal risk and eDiscovery costs.

"When we talk to our customers about auto-classification technology, their biggest misgivings are, "How do we do it consistently for all content and how do we prove it?" OpenText Auto-Classification has been designed from the ground up to address these problems," said James Latham, Chief Marketing Officer at OpenText. "We now have the industry's first machine-assisted classification with built-in statistical sampling and quality assurance to ensure that auto-classification is both transparent and defensible. This solution fundamentally changes how digital records are managed."

Business and records managers must govern the classification, use, retention, protection, retrieval, and ultimately, the disposal of "business records." Increasingly, however, they're being asked to manage massive volumes of "transitory" or low value social content and emails due to their cost and potential risk. Classification of content is critical because it lets the business know what content to keep and what can be thrown away. Historically, end-users have been asked to classify content, but adoption and accuracy rates have been low, often leaving the organization exposed to expensive eDiscovery requests and penalties.

OpenText Auto-Classification provides consistent, defensible classification of content without end-user intervention after the system has been set up. It uses the OpenText Content Analytics engine to "read" through each document, email or social media posting to classify content according to corporate policy and legal requirements. In contrast to search or key word based text analytics, OpenText Content Analytics codifies language specific nuances identified by teams of linguistics experts to dramatically improve accuracy.

Going a significant step beyond "black box" classification systems, Open Text Auto-Classification includes workbenches for identifying exemplar documents and rules, testing and refining effectiveness and quality assurance and sampling against a broader set of documents on an ongoing basis. This gives organizations the level of transparency they need to continually adapt the auto-classification engine to their changing needs and to prove to the courts and regulators that the organization maintains an effective records management program.

OpenText Auto-Classification was developed in close partnership with customers using the OpenText ECM Suite. It works in conjunction with OpenText Records Management so that existing classifications and classified documents can be used in the tuning process. Among the customers participating in the testing process was Translink, the regional transportation authority for Metro Vancouver, B.C.

Noella Bordian, Manager, Corporate Records for Translink, said that "By participating in the beta program, we were able to play a part in the development of the auto-classification for records management product.
Not only will this product improve and increase the use of our classification system and retention schedules, but it will also make it easier to identify content for eDiscovery, archiving and disposition."

OpenText Auto-Classification will be available later this year. For more information, go to:

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