Open Frame Monitors offer HDMI video input option.

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Industrial open frame monitors, to accommodate growing number of PCs with HDMI output in industrial applications, are available with HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) input. For introduction of HDMI video inputs into 4:3 aspect monitors, all HDMI options will be considered OEM applications to ensure optimal quality and functionality.

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Caltron Introduces HDMI Video Input as a New Option for Open Frame Monitors

With technology constantly advancing, every application, whether retail or industrial, must adapt to the ever changing life cycles of the display market.  Many, if not all, consumer grade televisions have an HDMI input as a standard on the units.  HDMI, otherwise known as High Definition Multimedia Interface, is used to transmit both high quality video and audio.  With HDMI inputs becoming more of a standard in many applications, the industrial applications are starting to incorporate HDMI video inputs as an option as well.

Many PCs and output signals have HDMI as a standard output and with that being said, many displays, including industrial open frame monitors will have the need to start having HDMI as a standard or at least as an option.  Generally, HDMI is used in applications that require both high definition video and audio at the same time.  Most industrial display applications typically will not require any sound, so up until HDMI outputs/inputs started becoming more prominent, a DVI input was all that was required.  As HDMI begins to dominate the display market, more industrial applications must adapt and convert over to HDMI friendly monitors so that they can be compatible with PCs or other such devices that have HDMI outputs as a standard.

Since HDMI outputs are becoming more of a standard on PCs and other input devices, open frame monitors have to, or should have that option available as well, even if the project application requires no audio.  To accommodate the needs of any industry, Caltron’s engineering team has developed an HDMI video input option for the line of industrial open frame monitors.  Typically, HDMI or high resolution video inputs are meant for widescreen displays versus 4:3 aspect screens.  For the introduction of HDMI video inputs into Caltron’s existing line of 4:3 aspect monitors, all HDMI options will be considered OEM applications, to ensure quality and functionality for the open frame monitors.

While HDMI inputs mainly dominate the consumer Televisions and displays for now, there is a sense of urgency to provide an HDMI input as a video input option for industrial open frame monitors because more and more sources are having HDMI outputs as a standard and will soon spill over to industrial applications.  Caltron understands that it is vital to keep up with the changes of the industry to meet the needs of integrators and OEM projects.  With the release of HDMI as a video input option, Caltron will soon release the line of widescreen open frame monitors to blend with the HDMI input as a standard, but that will be release at a later date this year.

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