OPC10M Optocoupler consists of a central diode.

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OPC10M 10KV Optocoupler is used to variably control high voltage output up to 10,000 volts by adjusting a reference low voltage input. Unit is equipped with two or more LED drivers. Product comes in encapsulated and light-tight package.

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OPC10M - Optocoupler / Optical Switch

Dean Technology, Inc., today announced the introduction of a new high voltage optocoupler, the OPC10M. This 10 kV optical switch is able to variably control a high voltage output up to 10,000 volts by adjusting a reference low voltage input, and is the first product in a new set of optical devices that DTI will be introducing in its HVCA line of products over the coming months.

Dean Technology’s optical switch products consist of a central diode and two or more LED drivers in a fully encapsulated and light-tight package. It is exceptionally space efficient, and the tight control of production methods will allow DTI to offer these parts at prices far better than competitive solutions.

“We’re starting off our optical switch line with a 10 kV part that should provide a perfect solution for many of the applications where this kind of device can be used,” said Lynn Roszel, Engineering Manager for Dean Technology. “For a long time, we’ve built custom solutions for customers using this technology and we’ve put all of that learning into the OPC10M. It is a very useful and stable optical switch that we’re very excited to have gotten into production.”

Dean Technology intends to release a wide range of new optical devices, starting with the OPC10M. A range of optical switches with higher voltages and power levels is planned, and a full line of optical diodes with clear encapsulation is already in the works. Custom parts for both of these types of products are being produced now and DTI has engineering resources ready to help with custom development for any customer’s needs. Full product details for the OPC10M, with example test circuits, are on the company’s website and the part is in stock and ready for purchase directly from Dean Technology or through any approved sales channel.

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