Op Amp suits automotive and industrial applications.

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Offering high-precision over -40 to +125°C temperature range through low input offset voltage drift (250 µV maximum over 0-85°C range), Model TS507 features ST trimming technique that adjusts input offset voltage of 100 µV maximum, high open-loop gain (131 dB typical at 5 V), and high common-mode rejection ratio (115 dB typical at 5 V). It offers up to 120 mA in short-circuit configuration and internal electrostatic-discharge protection that is extended to 5 kV for human body model.

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STMicroelectronics Delivers High Precision Op-Amps to Address Automotive and Industrial Applications

Geneva, April 30, 2007 - STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), one of the world's leading suppliers of operational amplifiers, today introduced a new high-precision op-amp that benefits customers with an ultra-low input offset voltage guaranteed over a wide common-mode voltage range. This feature, added to the highly competitive cost of the TS507, makes it the ideal solution for automotive and industrial applications.

An ST patented trimming technique adjusts the input offset voltage of the TS507 at 100 microvolts maximum. This digital method is done after packaging and has the advantage of reducing the device's overall cost by avoiding the use of external components. The TS507 also offers a good precision over the full temperature range through a low input offset voltage drift (250 microvolts maximum over the range of 0 to 85 degrees C). In addition to these excellent precision parameters, the TS507 features very good electrical characteristics such as a high open-loop gain (131dB typical at 5V) and a high Common-Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) (115 dB typical at 5V).

Other major benefits of the TS507 include low noise and a very high output current (up to 120mA in a short-circuit configuration). Internal electrostatic-discharge protection is also extended to 5kV, for the human body model, to minimize handling and fabrication risks.

Among the designs that would benefit by using the TS507 are applications requiring high precision such as signal conditioning in resistor bridges, sensors, medical and industrial instrumentation. The TS507 is also automotive-grade qualified over the full temperature range of -40 to +125 degrees C.

In production now, part numbers TS507ID-TS507IDT (industrial range of -40 to +125 degrees C) and TS507CD-TS507CDT (commercial range of 0 to 85 degrees C) are available in a SO8 ECOPACK® package and cost $0.60 and $0.50, respectively in quantities of 1,000 pieces, while part numbers TS507ILT and TS507CLT come in the space-saving SOT23-5 ECOPACK® package and cost $0.60 and $0.50, respectively.

Further information is available at www.st.com/precision

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st.com/stonline/stappl/press/news/year2007/p2163.htm with links to further information on the TS507 family

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